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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Quiz

June 7, 2013 by
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Quiz
A Quiz On TNA's Latest Big Signing
1. When Did Rampage Make His Pro MMA Debut?
2. Who Did He Defeat In His First Pro Fight?
3. What Was Rampage Jackson's PRIDE Fighting Record Before He Left For The UFC?
4. Who Was Rampage Jackson's First UFC Opponent And What Year?
5. Rampage Jackson Faced His First UFC Loss To Whom?
6. Rampage Jackson Is A Career What Division Fighter In The UFC?
7. Following A String Of Losses And Poor Performances, Rampage Lost His Last Fight To which Up And Comer In The UFC, January Of 2013?
8. Rampage Jackson, Made An In-Character Appearance In WWE On RAW In 2009, Promoting Which Of His Movies?
9. Rampage Jackson Has Always Maintained That He Would Have Went To Where As A Profession Before He Heard Of MMA?
10. Rampage Jackson Coached Opposite Which Former Opponent In The 2009, Season 7 Of The Ultimate Fighter?
11. Rampage Jackson's Most Famous MMA Moment Featured A Wrestling-Style Powerbomb On Which Seldom-Heard Of Opponent In PRIDE Fighting?
12. Rampage Jackson Has Gained A Reputation As What For His Antics During Many Interviews?
13. Rampage Jackson Joins How Many Former Wrestling And MMA Champions To Have Made Appearances In TNA With MMA Or Wrestling Backgrounds?
14. Rampage Jackson Made Headlines In 2008 Being Pulled Over For What In California?
15. Which Former Wrestler Is The Inspiration For Rampage Jackson Wearing A Metal Chain Around His Neck?
16. Finally, The Easiest One, Who Did Rampage Jackson Confront In His June 6, Impact Wrestling Debut From Duluth, Georgia?


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