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The Undertaker: 20 Questions

February 15, 2013 by
The Undertaker: 20 Questions
Who has defeated Undertaker in one-on-one competition? (does not include DQ/Count Out results & does not include House Shows)
1. Who was the first wrestler to defeat Undertaker by pinfall (on TV/PPV)?
2. Who was the first wrestler to defeat Undertaker by gimmick match rules?
3. What was the gimmick match that the above defeated Undertaker in?
4. Which wrestler has NOT defeated Undertaker by pinfall?
5. T or F: Mankind was the first wrestler to defeat Undertaker by knockout?
6. Who has defeated Undertaker the most by pinfall/submission/gimmick rules?
7. T or F: Both Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) have one-on-one victories over Undertaker?
8. T or F: Mr. Kennedy defeated Undertaker at Survivor Series 2006 in what match?
9. How many times has Big Show knocked The Undertaker out (on TV)?
10. T or F: Maven does not have a victory over The Undertaker?
11. Who was the last wrestler to defeat The Undertaker by pinfall?
12. Out of the following, which wrestler did not defeat Undertaker by pinfall?
13. T or F: Undertaker has never lost by submission?
14. Who did not interfere in the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker casket match at Royal Rumble 1998?
15. Which wrestler has not defeated Undertaker in a Buried Alive match?
16. Who interfered during Taker vs, Mabel @ King of the Ring 1995, costing Taker the victory??
17. Which wrestler did not help Yokozuna in putting Undertaker into the casket at Royal Rumble 1994?
18. Which match has Stone Cold Steve Austin NOT defeated Undertaker in?
19. Which match has Kane NOT defeated Undertaker in?
20. How many wrestlers have defeated Undertaker by pinfall/submission/knockout/gimmick rules?


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