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The F Up's of Randy Orton

June 11, 2012 by
The F Up's of Randy Orton
The Apex Predator, Randy Orton...
1. What was the date of Orton's first suspension?
2. What was Orton suspended for?
3. WWE suspended Orton after he came up on Sport Illustrated's Signature Pharmacy list for taking steroids in May of 2007?
4. WWE suspended Orton in August 2006 for failing a Wellness Policy test?
5. Which diva did Randy Orton defecated/vandalized in the bag off?
6. Who was the other diva he vandalized possessions off?
7. What was Orton kicked out of the US Marine Corps for?
8. After going AWOL twice and refusing to take orders from a commanding officer, how many days did Orton spend in a military prison?
9. How many times has Orton failed a WWE Wellness Policy test?
10. What was the date of Orton's latest suspension?
4 times but they only mark it as twice, because he was already "punished".
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