Adam wilkinson

Possible Night of Champions 2013 Matches with Predictions

As of right now, WWE has announced 3 matches for Night of Champions. Well, here is my Night of Champions Match Card:

1. The Miz vs Fandango (Pre-Show): I don't see this match being on the main card as we already have one non- title match on the main card in Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs CM Punk. I see The Miz winning here to end the feud and move on to bigger and better things.

2. AJ Lee vs Natalya (Divas Championship match): As we all know, AJ Lee cut an amazing "Pipebomb shell" this week on RAW. One of the things I like in this storyline is that AJ Lee doesn't consider herself a "Diva" so I say have her bring back the Women's Title. There have been rumors that AJ Lee might face one of the Total Divas and Natalya is a perfect choice. AJ Lee should win this match and retain the title and have her drop it to Natalya at Hell in a Cell.

3. Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship match): I don't see Rob Van Dam winning the belt as he reported that he would be wrestling only for 90 days. I see Ricardo Rodriguez turning his back on RVD and reveal that he was working with Del Rio all along.

4. Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler (US Title match): I would really love to see this match since now Ziggler is face. I think this match would steal the show. I see Ambrose winning here with the other Shield members possibly interfering in the match.

5. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs Big Show and Mark Henry (WWE Tag Team Championship match): Big Show returned to RAW a couple weeks ago after a severe knee injury, saving RVD and Henry from The Shield. I don't think this is gonna be a fast paced match like Ziggler and Ambrose. I see Rollins and Reigns retaining with Reigns delivering a spear to The Big Show behind the refs back and Rollins pins Show.

6. Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow (Money in the Bank briefcase on the line): Cody Rhodes has earned 2 victories over Sandow, once at SummerSlam and the other one on RAW. I think Sandow should win this match as he needs to get some momentum in this feud and keep the briefcase.

7. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs CM Punk (Handicap Elimination match): I don't get why the IC Title is not on the line.. I honestly think that CM Punk should challenge Axel for the title and beat him. CM Punk would honestly bring back prestige to the IC Title, make it important again like it used to be in the ol' days. I see Punk winning and getting his revenge on Heyman.

8. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship match): I think this match will be great as their Street Fight match on RAW a few months ago was great as well. I don't see Daniel Bryan winning here as I think Orton should hold on a bit longer to the title.. Maybe until the Rumble. I think that the ref is gonna get knocked down and Daniel Bryan hits the running knee to the face, but The Shield interfere and attack Daniel Bryan and hit the Triple Powerbomb and they pull Orton onto Bryan and the ref counts for the victory.

What is your Night of Champions Match Card? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!