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The Last Four Wrestlemania's Of The Undertaker - Leading to 25-0 OR 24-1..

With talk of Undertaker's career coming to a close, I truly do believe he will be around for another four more Wrestlemania's taking him to 25-0. Born in 1965, Undertaker would be 52 come 2017 (which would be Wrestlemania 33), so I do believe he can go that far but it really all depends on his body, especially his shoulder issues and his knee problems, it's all a big question but with him only competing once per year, I'm certain he could take his streak to 25-0 OR 24-1.

These are the opponents I'd like to see Undertaker battle at the grandest stage of them all..

Wrestlemania 30

vs. Brock Lesnar

Already there is a huge rumour stating that Undertaker has chosen Brock Lesnar to be his Wrestlemania 30 opponent and I hope so; whom else could take the Deadman's streak to a more physical type match. Brock Lesnar can do so, he will make it feel that Taker's streak is in threat mode and that's what has made his streak, in the past 6 encounters against Edge, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and CM Punk, feel the streak is more threatened, even though his match with Punk was sub-par due to Punk's injury.

There is history between both men, Undertaker has NEVER defeated Brock Lesnar at PPV level, losing twice at No Mercy 2002 and No Mercy 2003 in Hell in a Cell and Chain match respectively. So this will be the question, how will Undertaker handle a reckless beast in former UFC champion, Brock.. Lesnar.. In the words of Sweet Chin Stunner, HERE COMES THE PAIN.. DEADMAN STYLE!.. Should be an interesting match and a tough battle for the Deadman.

Wrestlemania 31

vs. Goldberg

Goldberg has said that he is willing to return but doesn't want to wrestle with Ryback and whom better than to give him Undertaker? Both men are known for legendary streaks, Goldberg's for his 170 match streak and we all know about Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania.. It will be a HUGE question on if WWE would be willing to push for this match, but like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg is known to be reckless and it would be another good test for Undertaker.

Like I have said, the last few Wrestlemania's, Undertaker has been tested and pushed to limits like none better, the past 6 Wrestlemania's have been tough for the Deadman and with Brock and Goldberg as his next two opponents, it may make the streak feel even more under pressure especially IF WWE push Goldberg as an unstoppable force once more.

Some people may hate this idea, but I think it would be a good fight especially for Undertaker and his legendary streak, I feel this and the match against Brock would make this streak feel even more legendary.

Wrestlemania 32

vs. John Cena

THIS match NEEDS to happen before Undertaker's career is finished, it needs to happen and I'm certain in the next 3 Wrestlemania's, John Cena will still be on top and still will be the face of the WWE and what better way than to have Cena wrestle Taker at Wrestlemania; fans will be thinking the streak would come to an end, not knowing if Undertaker can walk away with streak intact.

This match would also be another one of those "streak being pushed" because let's face it, Brock, Goldberg and Cena would be the perfect test and it will keep the streak feeling more alive than ever.

Wrestlemania 33

vs. Kane

Undertaker's final match, entering this match at 24-0 and who knows, what a better way IF Kane was to be the one to end the streak.. The storied history between the two brothers would make this match be a HUGE highlight especially IF Kane goes back to his evil ways and thus bringing Undertaker back to battle the Demonic monster once more at the grandest stage of them all. I'm sure Undertaker and Kane could put on one last classic, especially in Undertaker's final encounter against Kane.

It would be a perfect end to one of the greatest physical rivalries in WWE history between two men who've gone from hell and back, battling in Inferno matches to Buried Alive matches and so on.

I just feel Kane should be the final opponent of The Undertaker; Kane has been one of Undertaker's greatest rivals whom has pushed him to extreme strengths and what a better way for it all to come to an end with Kane finally overcoming his brother at the place where Undertaker comes alive the most - Wrestlemania.

Any way that's just my opinion and would love to hear yours; I know a lot of people believe Undertaker should retire but I really believe he could do four more Wrestlemania's, especially IF WWE keeps him to one match per year; he doesn't need to wrestle more than that a year.. Once a year at the spectacle that is Wrestlemania, would bring that aura into such an event - The Undertaker's first Wrestlemania was at Wrestlemania VII against Jimmy Snuka; would be pretty epic if he finished his at Wrestlemania 33 against Kane.

Oh and as far as Sting goes, I don't see him ever wrestling for the WWE; Now that's NOT saying he won't be in Hall of Fame because he more than likely will, but I DON'T see him ever wrestling for the WWE..

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