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In the history of wrestling, tag teams have made or break a large portion of the superstars that we see. The same can be said about factions. What would Randy Orton or Batista have been without Evolution? What would the New Age Outlaws have been without D-Generation-X? Let's take a look at some tag teams made, or shadowed, stars from the past and present.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels

D-Generation-X were one of the biggest contributors to keeping the WWE, then WWF, on the map (ratings wise) during the notorious Monday Night Wars with WCW's Monday Nitro. For those of you not familiar with the Kliq, the similarities between this duo and that of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were remarkable. They left for WCW and claimed their locker room, much as DX did both in real life and during broadcast. The Heartbreak Kid was one of the hottest commodities in the business at the time and Hunter was proving himself. His matches with The Rock were groundbreaking. The two together were able to bounce off of each other, propel themselves to become two of the biggest names to ever exist in professional wrestling and sports entertainment alike. The NWO and DX are the two largest household tag team names. That will never change.

The Hardy Boyz

We all know the story of the Hardy Boyz. Lita was a well suite talent to manage the team, and excelled the popularity of the, then, woman's division of World Wrestling Entertainment. The Hardys were animals and spot junkies. The TLC matches that they competed in against the ECW legends The Dudley Boyz and the perfect tragedy of Edge and Christian changed the format of hardcore wrestling. Jeff Hardy suceeded well beyond his brother Matt. Jeff Hardy managed to capture the World Heavyweight Championship on multiple occasions, headlined Summerslam, and is still on television. Matt Hardy was less of a personality as his brother and lived in his shadow while having one hell of a mid-card career. Tag team wrestling wouldn't have been the same without them.

Edge and Christian

Yet again, we all know the story of E&C. They were entertaining each and every time they got a spot. Edge is already a Hall of Famer and I'll be damned if Christian won't be too. Edge made it to John Cena status. Christian has thus far caught up to Jeff Hardy. Will he breakthrough? There's not much more time to tell.

John Morrison and The Miz

This team was thrown together simply as entertainment on ECW. NXT, Superstars, and Main Event have all followed suite to what ECW was turning WWE's extra broadcasts into. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston made formidable opponents on ECW. The Miz and Morrison were stars. The Miz main-evented Wrestlemania against John Cena. The Miz is hosting Summerslam. He has become a company guy; a true face with a steady job. John Morrison let his personal life contribute to him ultimately being released. Hopefully he can get one more chance. The Miz and he could easily pick up where they left off at. You'd be a fool not to see the potential, unless your name was Vince McMahon or Dave Bautista.

The tag team division overhaul has been on the verge of catching the WWE Universe by storm. The dynamic progress that the rising stars used to fill this category of the roster now-days has more potential than we've seen in years, if not, ever. Stables have been utilized in one of the most unique fashions we've ever seen from WWE within its product. It feels fresh and that's always good for business. The Usos and Tons of Funk are entertaining to watch despite their inability to come off as top tier talent. Their matches as of late can beg to differ that point. The 3MB, as comedic as an act as they come across, are all talented performers. They even had a run in with Brock Lesnar. Team Rhodes Scholars was just a mark's dream as Team Hell No. Both teams elevated its members and kept them relevant. One would believe that would be easy to do. These four men fit the equation better than everyone else. How might some of the potential breakthrough stars handle the transition onto television and what might prevent or produce results for the members involved?

The Shield

The Shield has had a very impressive career sinc debuting in the WWE. They created controversy within their first night which hasn't been seen since the Nexus. The irony of the Nexus is Daniel Bryan, the star who got fired for taking it too far, has been the only breakout star to this point. Regarding the Shield, we have three potential stars. Seth Rollins can be a spot junky. We all so this at TLC last year. Jeff Hardy captivated the audience with the same qualities. Seth Rollins holds the countless similarities and might even be a better performer. When this team splits, give him a microphone and let's see where he can go. Roman Reigns has the size and build that your typical star has. He's very athletic and he can speak. He's got everything that one needs. Only time will tell where his career can take him. The fans will play a large part in this. Lastly, Dean Ambrose: the Heath Ledger of professional wrestling. This man can go. His mic skills are excellent and his promos are evil. He builds himself up slow and then allows himself to propel into quite the character each and every time you see him. Ambrose sells his matches like Shawn Michaels. He had the IWC screaming before ever heading to WWE developmental. As long as Justin Roberts' tie doesn't get in the way, this kids got a Hall of Fame career ahead of him.

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