Adam wilkinson

People who did not deserve to be Champion

Time for a list of people who I believe did not deserve to be WWE or World Heavyweight Champion.

Again, these are not in any particular order, and I won't list everyone, as I'll be here all day...

Sycho Sid

I'm sure there maybe one or two, maybe even half a dozen people who believe Sid deserved to be Champion and headline Wrestlemania with Undertaker. I don't.

Nothing to do with his wrestling style, which was wooden at best, it was to do with his character. It wasn't his Sid Vicious or Sid Justice characters from the early 90s. His Sid Justice and Sid Vicious characters from times gone by were ok at best. But Sycho Sid character just didn't work. He was originally brought in to fill the shoes left by Diesel as HBKs bodyguard, and that, in my opinion, is where he should have stayed. I think the people who watched Wrestlemania 13 were thanking God himself that Undertaker won, so we finally had a champ we could believe in. All of this was evident by the fact that after his 2nd World Title reign (He had two!!) he left eh company, because they knew they couldn't do much more with him.

Ultimate Warrior

This one may raise a few eyebrows and I wouldn't be surprised, but again, my opinion is my opinion and for me, Warrior didn't deserve it. this was even before he went all crazy and stuff.

I read Steve's excellent blog regarding Hogan pulling the strings regarding who had title reigns and when, but surely even WWE and Hogan could have come up with someone better than Warrior. Well, who then? Million Dollar Man. He would have been better for Hogan to drop the belt too. As per my previous blog, MDM would have really deserved it and been the biggest heel champ of all time.

Back to Warrior, his version of hulking up (aka not selling) was rubbish and unbelievable. Plus his style of wrestling was awful. It seems that he was on a wave due to how the lovely little kiddies liked his face paint.

Controversial comments out the way, let's move on...

The Miz

I know he won because he cashed in Money in the Bank, and they were making sure whoever cashed in went on to be Champ, but The Miz? Really? Really? Using his own phrase against him there, but he hadn't been on the active roster for that long before they gave him the belt, what was it, like 3 or 4 years? Maybe a few more? Debut 2006, Champ by 2009...

It was one of those situations where they gave the title to someone to hold on to for Cena, but they should have kept it with Orton, in my opinion.

Look at Miz now,hosting talk show segments and constantly jobbing to whichever heel is IC Champ.

Jeff Hardy

Being a druggie and a dealer aside, he deserved a push, perhaps even to a Title match itself, but to win? No, not in my opinion. Maybe they could have done it whereby he got screwed out of the title, without actually winning it, but he did not make a good Champion in my view.

The Great Khali

I really don't need to justify that choice, do I?

And finally...

David Arquette

If anybody ever asks any of you fellow RSN'ers why did WCW fold, there's your answer. They gave the World Heavyweight Championship to a Hollywood actor, who's wrestling ability was somehow worse than his awful acting skills. If there is an award for the stupidest decision made in Wrestling, whoever in WCW Creative decided that should have (and hopefully did before they folded) get sacked.

Anyway, that's a comprehensive enough list, as I said, I'm sure there's more.