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Rick Wall's Early Summerslam Predictions

Ok due to my internet deciding to be a wank, I have decided to do an early predictions on Summerslam 2013.. So here we go, this is like my usual Predictions and such.. Also due to my 'net being a wank and it being doubtful that it will pick up speed, I unfortunately won't be doing any Summerslam polls this time around.. (Hopefully someone else does it).. Any way kids, here we go..

WWE Title Match
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena
Special Referee: Triple H

Who do I think will win: Daniel Bryan
Who do I hope wins: Daniel Bryan. Here is hoping D-Bry wins the WWE championship and here is hoping Randy Orton doesn't cash in. I am hoping Orton holds off, like he arrives on the ramp and walks down the ramp but before he gets in the ring, Bryan gets back up or something. I think it's too predictable of an Orton cash-in, but I can see it happening and by the nights end, Randy Orton will be WWE champion. I hope not, not just yet.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

Who do I see wins: Alberto Del Rio
Who do I hope wins: Christian. THAT title needs to go off Alberto now more than ever. Alberto has hurt that championship more than he's done good. He isn't over, fans are sick and tired of him being World champ or in World title contention. I'm not a fan for Alberto and I really feel he's ruining that championship's great history, of such a short time. And I will say this.

WWE United States Title Match (Kickoff Pre-show)
Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose

Who do I see winning: Dean Ambrose
Who do I hope wins: Dean Ambrose. I don't see the US title leaving Ambrose's hands BUT I am peeved that this match, yes this match, being a pre-show match. That to me is a big load of bull$#!+. This match, to a few fans would no doubt be a dream match. Ambrose vs. RVD has that potential to be one of the best matches of the night.

Ring of Fire Match
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

Who do I see winning: Bray Wyatt
Who do I hope wins: Bray Wyatt. I don't see Kane winning and he really doesn't need too; Kane is at the near end of such a great career. Bray could do with a big win and I see him being able to overcome the Big Red Machine in what could be a slow but good match. Inferno matches have never been that great due to the atmosphere of such, but I can see this one being good. Bray Wyatt reminds me of Mick Foley from the 1990's, his character is cold, unique and truth, I can see big things from Bray Wyatt.

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Who I see winning: Too hard to call down the middle.
Who do I hope wins: This is just a singles match, yes? If so, I can see this being a double DQ/Countout. Why should it be? Because it could build up to a possible second match that could take place either in the Cell or in another impactful match-up. I can't decide who's going to win, it's too hard to call down the middle. Way I see it and the way I hope it goes is this isn't just a once-off but more of a feud that can carry on past Summerslam.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Who I see winning: A part of me is saying Cody Rhodes wins this match, by looks of it thus far, the MITB contract is NOT on the line, so I see Cody winning. IF the briefcase is on the line, Sandow will win. So I will say it again, IF the MITB contract is on the line - Damien Sandow. IF it's not - Cody Rhodes.
Who I hope wins: Same above. I really don't feel Cody Rhodes would make a good champion BUT in saying that, I would prefer him over Mr. Million Dollar Latino Heat wanna-be, Alberto Del Rio.. With Cody, I just feel he's too generic and I really can't picture him as World championship material.. He is a good mid-card champion, he has somewhat potential but yes I stand by my comments, Cody isn't World champion material, well to me he isn't.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee and Big E Langston

Who I see winning: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn
Who do I hope wins: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn. I really haven't got much of a comment for this. Either way, this feud between Dolph, Kaitlyn, AJ & Big E is far from over.. Whomever wins gets the upperhand in this feud. Dolph Ziggler SHOULD be wrestling for the World title, NO, Dolph SHOULD be World champion battling Christian because truth, that match would be far better than seeing Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

Who do I see winning: Brie Bella
Who do I hope wins; Natayla. I don't really care for this match.. And before any one asks, what about Nikki, Eva and the Funky girls, remember people those four will be in the corner of these divas.

The Shield vs. Big Show & Mark Henry for the WWE tag team championships

This match hasn't been announced yet, but I got a feeling that it might. I hope and reckon that Shield retain over the 900lb+ duo of Mark Henry and Big Show.

My note:

This PPV looks ok to be honest. RVD vs. Ambrose as the pre-show? Really? That's a whack a$$ decision that you'd see from Dixie Carter and TNA.

I won't be watching it due to I haven't got cable nor am I going to bother streaming it but there are a few matches on this card that I'm looking forward to - Cena/Bryan, Lesnar/Punk, Kane/Wyatt, Kait-Zig/AJ & Big E. Cody/Sandow's match I'm somewhat looking forward to hearing about; the one match I don't want to see is Alberto vs. Christian.

I really am sick and tired of seeing Alberto del Rio as World champion or fighting for the World championship, enough is enough. Hell I would rather see John Cena wrestling for or defending the WWE championship each and every PPV over Alberto's boring a$$ fighting for or defending the World championship and truth, I don't want to see either, but I'm sick of Alberto.

Alberto's no John Bradshaw Layfield, he's no Ted DiBiase and by God, he is definitely not in the same boat or league as Eddie Guerrero! No matter how hard he tries to steal their gimmicks, he's nothing like them.

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