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5 NXT Superstars that should be on the main roster

There are a lot of talented wrestlers on the NXT roster and here is who I think should be brought to the main roster:

5. Emma: Even though WWE has a lot of dance gimmicks on RAW and SmackDown, Emma knows how to get the crowd behind her. She also put on a great match with Paige on NXT and she would have great matches with Divas like AJ Lee, Natalya etc.. if she were brought to the main roster.

4. Adrian Neville: In my opinion, Adrian Neville is a very good competitor and his finisher is absolutely epic. I'm pretty sure a lot of the fans in attendance on RAW and SmackDown are indy marks so they'll recognize who he is.

3. Paige: Paige has to be the most talented Diva on the NXT Roster. I mean, look at the reaction she gets when she comes out to the ring... The crowd loves her. I think she is the one that would make the Divas Division interesting again if they brought her to the main roster.

2. Sami Zayn: Imagine the reaction on the faces of the ROH marks... They would just go absolutely insane. Sami Zayn has to be one of the most talented guys on the NXT roster. His matches with Cesaro were fantastic and he even received "match of the year" chants so I think it would be a great decision to bring Sami Zayn to the main roster.

1. Kassius Ohno: If WWE signs this guy to the main roster, I would be the happiest guy on Earth. He could put on great matches with top guys in WWE like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan etc... His match with Regal on NXT proved to me why this guy is an amazing wrestler.

Which NXT Superstars do you think should be brought to the main roster? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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