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- Jake Roberts' father was Grizzly Smith. Jake was also the half brother of Sam Houston and former WWF Women's champion, Rockin' Robin. Roberts' was also the former brother in law of Baby Doll Nickla Roberts, whom was married to Sam Houston.

Baby Doll was also the manager of Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard during the Four Horsemen days.

- WWE legend Sid Viscious' son Gunner is also in the wrestling business, as is Scott Hall's son Cody who teams up with Kevin Nash quite regularly on the independent circuit.

- Buck Dixon (pictured) is the son of former WWF tag team champion, Henry Godwinn.

- TNA star Wes Brisco is the son of Jerry Brisco and the nephew of Jack Brisco.

- Jean-Jacques Rougeau (pictured below) is a third generation superstar, he is the son of Jacques Rougeau, the grandson of Jacques Rougeau Sr., the nephew of Armand, Raymond and Johanne. He is the grandnephew of Johnny Rougeau and the nephew of Denis Gauthier Sr.

Also Jacques Rougeau's sister Johanne also wrestled. She married Denis Gauthier Sr., whom was also a wrestler.

- NXT star Jake Carter is the son of former WCW World champion, Vader.

- WWE star Jinder Mahal is the cousin of Gama Singh Jr. and the nephew of Gama Singh Sr.

- Former TNA star The Amazing Red is cousins to the Maximo brothers (Joel, Jose, Wil) and is also cousin to former TNA Knockout Rosita.

- Johnny Fabulous is the father of 13-time World champion, John Cena.

- John Laurinaitis has two brothers whom wrestle; Road Warrior Animal and Marcus Laurinaitis who wrestles on the indies as Fury (pictured).

- WWE Hall of Famer Ken Patera's daughter, Heather McQuinn, wrestles on the independant circuit.

- WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Von Erich's two sons, Ross and Marshall, wrestle on the independants mainly in Japan. They are both cousins of Lacey Von Erich.

- Former AWA World champion Rick Martel's nephew Kevin is a wrestler.

- Another AWA World champions son also wrestles, Larry Zbyszko's son Tim. Tim is the nephew of Greg Gagne, the grandson of Verne Gagne.

Tim also trained alongside Cody Hall, the son of Scott Hall.

- There is another Hart that wrestles, the son of Smith Hart - Mike Hart.

Mike Hart is a member of the legendary Hart family; his cousins Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Natayla all wrestle.

- Paul Bearer's cousin Marcel Pringle also wrestles..

- Former WCW Cruiserweight champion Prince Iaukea's son Nick Primo now wrestles in the business.

~To be continued....
angeric rivers
rick Martels nephews pretty hot lol, thanks for the families editions guys, keep'em coming
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Justin Barr
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