Adam wilkinson

"Change In WWE Has Arrived" pt 2

This is the second half of my very first blog about the changes in the WWE. The first one is here in this link-

The Young Guns- Minus the bad booking for Wade Barrett the last 6 or so months that SD MITB match was a prime example of how bright the WWE’s future is. Fandango; give this man so much credit for committing to a dumbass character and actually making people feel something for him besides utter contempt. Ambrose; well we know I feel he’s going to be huge in the future. Sandow; this dude is a damn heat magnet and he does it with big words and a supremely condescending attitude and after MITB he’s very hot tipped to be on his way to passing Del Rio as Smackdown’s best heel. Rhodes; I’ll be god damned if I wasn’t losing faith in my boy Cody. After his awesomeness as the tortured pretty boy I thought he was there, ready to hit the moon but then……NOTHING. WWE just didn’t pull the trigger and he kind of just sat around, then got in Rhodes Scholars and they didn’t pull the tag title trigger on those two and Cody started losing a lot and I just got scared. Then BAM! The PPV comes and they book him stronger than he’s ever been booked, the fans love him and now we’ve got a new face Cody with a ton of fan support and a built in feud with Sandow. The Real Americans; Jack screwed himself with his drug issues but these two are a great combo to me with Colter and if The Shield weren’t heels they’d be a great opponent for them. Swagger is talented as hell and Cesaro might be the 3rd or 4th best wrestler on the WWE’s roster so if/when WWE finally gets behind him fully he’s going to be a monster.

Big E, AJ & Kaitlyn- AJ has been the best thing to happen to the Divas since Laycool who I must admit at first I couldn’t f*&king stand. But since the day AJ got run over by Show she’s had my attention. I wasn’t in love with her heel turn on Cena because I wanted her to be the next big face female for the divas but they took the most popular diva and turned her in to the most hated (I still think she’s just adorable) and with this yearlong battle of crazy Aj’s had she’s now made another star in Kaitlyn. Her former best friend who she slapped months ago, and once Eve gave her the rub on the way out she became the most over face diva though that wasn’t saying much. This recent feud with the two including Big E has been so refreshing and cool, giving the two women an actual character platform for once. My love of E comes from NXT and some of the backstage stuff I’ve seen from him, the dude is hilarious. He’s got comedic timing and his 5 gimmick in NXT was WAY over and when he starts it on the main roster fans are going to take to it when he starts hitting his finish repeatedly.

NXT- If you don’t watch NXT even if it’s only every few weeks your cheating yourself of something really good. This is the true barometer of how bright WWE’s future truly can be with some very talented men and women down there getting better each week. We all know the obvious ones of Ohno, Neville, formerly Wyatt and Zayn (Generico) but it’s guys like Graves and the newly dubbed Tyler Breeze that really impress me as well as the divas. I love how an uninteresting Mike Dalton can become Tyler Breeze and do a total 180. Divas like Sasha and Charlotte get better and are already quite good and most of all Paige, who when she hits the scene is going to be big for the division if they let her be.
Bray Wyatt- On the subject of NXT let’s talk about the buzz of Bray Wyatt who if things go right for him I think he can be something very special for years. Watching NXT the other day the fans went ape shit for the family when they came out and he proceeded to cut a very face like promo about bringing down the machine and saving us all. This could very well just be the cult leader in him being heel but it didn’t feel that way, it felt different. It felt like they ran a test for his eventual face turn that WILL come. He may be heel now and damn good at it but WWE knows they already have too many young heels, and the Wyatt family could very well turn in to our saviors, and a huge problem for The Shield….just saying.

Daniel F’N Bryan!- If it’s not CM Punk it’s this man putting on the best matches every other week. The man has EARNED fan respect and admiration for being hilarious, charismatic and intense as well as engaging while in the ring. He’s has monstrous waves of momentum and could very well be the hottest thing the WWE has right now and god help me if they don’t pull the trigger on him. The second best wrestler in this company and on some nights might be #1, and right now he has everything clicking; momentum, charisma, in ring ability. You name it he’s got it and there will never be a better time to make him THE guy, at least for right now because I’m still itching for Bryan-Punk iron man at mania.

It’s simple it may have taken a while but the WWE has started changing the waves in the tide pool. This is what we’ve been begging for all this time and it may not be perfect but it’s happening. So all the complaining about same old shit, Randy “Boreton” (don’t share this sentiment) and Sheamus dominating the main event scene we are staring change right in the face. Embrace it and stop the bitching when shit actually starts to be different, just enjoy the ride!