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Which company used the same talent better?

It is no secret to everyone that different wrestling promotions use the same talent at different times. WWE has received TNA talent, but more likely is TNA receives WWE's talent when they are let go. Whenever one company retrieves talent from another there will always be the lingering question, "Who used them better?" This is a little lengthy, but I hope it will be a good read for everyone. Well, lets take a second to break down a few superstars and see what we can come up with:


WWE: If you blinked you would have missed Miss. Tessmacher's stint in the WWE. She was a part of the ECW expansion in WWE and she was part of a trio known as Extreme Expose. In my opinion, they stuck 3 girls together that they didn't know what to do with. Extreme Expose also consisted of Kelly Kelly and Layla. Known as Brooke or Brooke Adams at the time, she very rarely had matches. They threw her into Battle Royal gimmick matches just to fill the diva slots. She only lasted in WWE two months shy of a year. She was let go due to her breaking "gimmick rules" because of her attire looking like Melina's. Lame.

TNA: In TNA she became Miss. Tessmacher. She started as the Knockout Commissioner under Eric Bischoff. Not too long after she debuted on TV she did start taking part in matches. Real matches, not matches she had in WWE. She has since become a 2 time KO champion and a 1 time now retired KO tag team champion with Tara as part of TnT. She would fight some of the best women in wrestling, Tara, Gail Kim, Mickie James and Velvet Sky. She certainly has made a name for herself as a solid woman wrestler.



WWE: Christian has been a topic amongst fans for years. Some people (myself included) love him. Other's think he is boring, and think Edge carried him. Either way he was in both companies, and they both have used him very differently. WWE started using Christian, along with Edge and Gangrel as The Brood. Clearly, WWE originally were very impressed by Christian, giving him the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship in his debut match speaks highly of him. Hell, anyone winning a title in their debut match is a pretty big deal. The WWE continued to use Edge and Christian together even after they had left the Brood and Gangrel. Christian along with Edge battled amazing tag teams such as the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. Arguably the best 3 tag teams the WWE have ever seen. After Christian had broken away from Edge and went into solo status, he was normally shuffled along the mid-card position. He is a 4 time I.C., 1 time European champ and a multi tag team champ, not only with Edge but also with other partners. Christian would however win the WHC twice in his career only AFTER he left TNA and came back to WWE. Needless to say his first reign was only 2 pathetic days, and his second reign did not even last a month.

TNA: In TNA he was promoted immediately to superstar success. He went after what was, at the time, the most prestige title in TNA, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He won that title only 2 times as well, however, the length of time he held the title was substantial. He feuded with some big name stars including Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Rhino. To me it is hard to decide who used Christian better. Both companies had him in major story lines with major wrestlers. However, TNA did have him at the top and didn't just leave him shuffled in mid-card status.



WWE: In WWE, Tiffany was used more as a Valet/GM then she was a wrestler. This could have been done because she was not ready to be a wrestler yet. She was used as ECW's (WWE's relaunch of ECW) GM. She was used in gimmick matches such as battle royals that of course she probably got eliminated in the first few seconds. After ECW ended she had a brief stint on Smackdown. Again, nothing huge to give to her credit.

TNA: In TNA, Taryn Terrell at first started with not being a wrestler. She was appointed as the TNA Women's referee. As talent started leaving or being removed from the knockout division, we started seeing her in a story line with Gail Kim. At first I was not sure where this was going. However, Taryn and Gail have had some amazing matches. From a last knockout standing match to a ladder match, Taryn has been very impressive and has seemed to leave "Tiffany" behind. Her future could be very bright. She has more heart then I ever thought she did.



WWE: Mr. Kennedy seemed to have it all when he waltzed into the WWE. He had the look, the attitude, and a decent gimmick that got the crowd involved. KENNNEEEEDDDDDYYYY!!! Remember? (ANNNNDERSSSONNN.) Anyway, he was pushed rather decent in WWE. Had matches with some top guys, and was even thought about to be revealed on TV as Mr. McMahon's illegitimate kid. He did win one title, the U.S. title. He was ready for the push of his life after he won the 2007 Money in the Bank ladder match to challenge any world champion. Luck would have it he was injured and had to be the only person who has had to give the briefcase to someone else (Edge). He also had wellness policy issues, in which had derailed his rise to the top.

TNA: Unlike Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Anderson had seen the top in TNA, although he never stayed there long. He was put directly into a rivalry with Abyss and Kurt Angle, after he debuted, followed up with tag teaming with Jeff Hardy. Ironically he defeated his former tag team partner Jeff Hardy for his first TNA World Heavy Weight Championship and then he beat Sting for his second title snag. This all seems impressive but neither time did he hold the title very long. He has been focused in two major factions in TNA history. The first faction he was a part of was Immortal (but who wasn't in that faction), and the second being Aces & 8's (again, who hasn't been in that faction). Through both companies, Ken has been shuffled around in mid-card status and has had NUMEROUS injuries that has derailed his success. However, I can't help but to think WWE cut him short a little bit.



WWE: Ahhh the incest story line idea. Okay, WWE was reaching at this point. Katie Lea Burchill was announced as Paul Burchill's sister and there was little insinuendos that they were not just siblings but lovers. The story line did not seem to take off, and we can see why. Katie Lea had a couple, of what appeared to be, pushes to the top. She had challenged woman's champion at the time, Mickie James, to the title with multiple losses. She then got moved to different brands and seemed to have been lost in the shuffle. She was not used very often, and when she was she did not pick up too many victories. WWE dropped the ball on this one, especially because she had an amazing ladder match with Beth Phoenix in OVW.

TNA: Katie Lea became Winter in TNA. TNA used her mysterious goth like look and had her go up against, what appears to be, her best competitor Mickie James. Winter is a two time TNA knockout champ and a 1 time knockout tag team champ (with Angelina Love). Winter did not have very long runs with her Knockout titles, however she did defeat Mickie for both of them, which as we know she could not get done in WWE. She seemed to have a great chemistry with Angelina Love and it worked to their advantage becoming knockout tag team champs. In my opinion, TNA used her better, however she was still not used to the potential I feel she has.



WWE: Drew Hankinson has gone by many names and personas in his so far very young career. This 29 year old has been through a lot in many different companies. Let's break down what he did for the WWE company, shall we? First he debuted with a gimmick known as "impostor Kane". I think this gimmick was decent, it presented a mystery and a "who is it" kind of angle. Shortly after he was de-masked from this gimmick, then came the Festus gimmick. To me the Festus character was lame. I never did get aboard the Jesse and Festus train. I thought it was a snooze. Thankfully after that gimmick was done came Luke Gallows. Mr. Gallows joined forces with the one and only CM Punk to become the S.E.S. This was a very good gimmick in my opinion, but did not last very long. Shortly after the S.E.S. broke up Gallows received very little acclaim and he was let go. They never really did push Hankinson to any sort of title prestige, except a few matches with Jesse for the tag team titles.

TNA: Here comes D.O.C. Hankinson was revealed as D.O.C. in TNA as a member of the Aces & 8's stable. D.O.C. did not have many matches, and the ones he had, just like in the WWE, he lost. He was just another big man, in a stable, and getting overlooked. D.O.C.'s full time in TNA was within a stable. The stable gave very little time for him to grow as a competitor. Towards the end of his time with TNA, it appeared they were going to have D.O.C. be the first defunct of the stable as he was starting to show his lack of devotion, in particular with Mr. Anderson. Just as TNA was about to give D.O.C. a story line on his own, he was released.


I obviously could go into more stars. I would like to have a discussion of Mickie James, Tara/Victoria, Low Ki/Kaval, Jeff Hardy, etc. If you guys would like me to make more blogs with this topic please let me know. I am looking forward to this hopefully being an open discussion and finding out what people think.

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