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Worst 5 Mic Workers in WWE Today

Yesterday, I made a list of the Top 5 Best Mic Workers in WWE Today. Now, I'm going to make a list of the Worst 5 Mic Workers in WWE Today:

5. Jack Swagger: Ever since Swagger debuted on ECW in 2008, he couldn't talk on the mic at all and couldn't cut a good promo so the fans didn't really care about him. I think the reason Zeb Colter is his manager is because Swagger can't talk on the mic so Colter is kind of like the one who speaks for Swagger.

4. Alberto Del Rio: Without Ricardo, this guy can't cut a good promo or gain heat. All of his promos is just him talking about it's his destiny to win so-and-so and the fans don't wanna see that because it keeps getting boring.

3. Kofi Kingston: Even though he is very good in the ring, this guy can't get the fans behind him because his promos are just so bad. I think these 4-8 months will give him a chance to work on his mic-skills.

2. Ryback: This guy has to be one of the worst mic workers in WWE.. He gains absolutely no heat. The only good promo he cut was when he explained why he attacked John Cena in April. That's it. Without the "Feed Me More" chants, Nobody cares about this guy because The "Feed Me More" chants is what got him over with the fans. Most of Ryback's promos is just him breathing and that's what makes him a terrible mic worker.

1. Curtis Axel: This guy seriously needs to work on his mic skills.. That "Genesis of McGillicutty" promo he cut on NXT 3 years ago was terrible. I think pairing him up with Paul Heyman is a good idea since Heyman is a master on the mic so he will make the fans care about Curtis Axel.

Who are your Top 5 Worst Mic Workers in WWE? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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