Justin Barr

It's no secret that Daniel Bryan (a.k.a. Bryan Danielson) is a phenomenal talent in the WWE. He's one of the most technically sound wrestlers I've seen in the past 5 years, maybe not of all-time yet, but that will come with his natural progression. It seems to me in my opinion, he's been a bit stagnant since his feud with C.M. Punk last year over AJ ended at Money In The Bank.

Yes he and Kane held the Tag Team Championships for over 200 days, and somewhat got tag team wrestling back into the mix, but I've felt that since he won the WHC, Daniel Bryan has been that upper tier or upper-mid tier wrestler that we all know he can be. Now I don't know if the company was holding him back from his potential or just giving him something to do, but I think that now since dropping the tag belts to The Shield, now would be the perfect time to split Team Hell No and let D-Bry go after the WWE Championship.

According to what I heard, Bryan was supposed to face Cena for the WWE Championship at MITB, but with Mark Henry's retirement swerve and all, I can see Bryan winning the briefcase in the WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match, and here's why I think so.

Though Bryan doesn't have as much experience in this type of a match, he's got something that most of the SmackDown MITB competitors (except Jack Swagger) don't have....match experience. Though he's going up against people with ladder match experience and previous winners, as Bryan won in 2011, Bryan has the technical skill in my opinion and in-ring mindset to steal this match and do us wrestling fans a favor and dethrone SuperCena as champion.

His recent matches with Randy Orton have been pretty damn good from what I've heard, and even made Orton tap out, and I feel he has gotten a lot better in working with the likes of The Shield, Kane and Orton in the last few months or so.

With all of the competitors in the WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match having previous experience with this type of match, I sure hope this match can steal the show and overwrite last year's WWE Championship MITB match where Cena won, cashed in at Raw 1,000 and lost, and therefore go onto SummerSlam or whenever and cash-in successfully yet again.
Justin Barr
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