Adam wilkinson

Why Daniel Bryan should win the RAW MiTB match.

Daniel Bryan, as we all saw on Monday Night Raw, made Orton, one of the top faces in this company, tap out fair and square. I was shocked when Bryan won cleanly, but ecstatic at the same time.

Both Daniel Bryan and Orton were announced as participants for the RAW Money in the Bank ladder match, along with Punk, Kane, Sheamus, Christian and RVD.

A lot of people would assume that RVD's return will automatically give him a Money in the Bank victory over the other 6 superstars. I don't, however, agree. Rob Van Dam has accomplished so much in his career in the WWE. He is one of the top high-flyers in history. But I think RVD returned, like Jericho, to put over younger talent.

Back to Bryan. He's currently on a roll, beating one of WWE's top babyfaces. Making him win the MiTB briefcase makes sense. He'll continue his streak then cash in to become WWE Champion, turning heel in the process. Even though I disagree with turning heel, WWE really thinks that it's a good idea.

Who do you think will win the RAW MiTB match?

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