Adam wilkinson

And The Winner of The 2013 Money In The Bank Case For The WWE Title Is....

Well that is going to be a very interesting announcement and I think it will be a very good match to say the least for the ppv. And I will venture to say that it will be a better match than the WWE title match between Mark Henry and John Cena. Speaking of which, I will venture even further to say that whoever they have written in to win that match might very well determine who wins the MitB case in this match. My hunch, my gut, says that Cena will end up somehow winning his match and burying Mark Henry's career from there on out. Again, only going with a gut reaction right now.

So let's go with that hunch and say that the "invincible one" John Cena survives a couple World's strongest slams and the big ending and still retains the title. Even though that may be the main event match of the ppv, it will more than likely be determined by the time the ppv starts. So, as I said, with John Cena scheduled to win his match, let us now assess the situation with this match and these contestants to see who has the best chance of winning and going on to cash in their case against, more than likely, John Cena. Whether it will happen that same night at the ppv is very questionable. But I highly doubt it.

Kane The Big Red Sissy. I just don't see this as being Kane's time to win the MitB. Seems like he has been in it every year since they started this specialty match and he has always came up short every time. Not really sure why they continue to put him in it when they continue to never write him in as the winner. He needs to go back to the drawing board and resurrect the Kane that he used to be when he first arrived. The frightening and destructive Big Red Monster. which means a heel turn. Maybe even a heel turn in this match that could very well cost Daniel Bryan a shot at grabbing the case and the match.

Sheamus Sorry Fella. Just luck of the Irish is on your side in this match. I don't want to jump the gun here and say that this is what is going to occur, but, after Raw, I am seeing a possible new combination tag team with Sheamus and Christian. If that were the case, and again I could be totally reading into something that isn't there, then there would be no reason to have Sheamus win the MitB. Of course, that would also eliminate Christian from being a prime suspect to winning this case and match as well. Even if I were wrong, I still hate to say that I don't see anything exciting about Sheamus being a potentially new WWE champ. Sorry. I like the guy and I think he definitely has in ring skill, but he just doesn't do anything for me. And I think he has lost his luster and overness with the WWE Universe.

Christian Wouldn't it be interesting if these were the big plans they had for the "voice of the peeps" upon his return. And he very well could be that dark horse to be keeping our eyes on during the match. Honestly though, when Stephanie announced his name as one of the contestants on Raw, he did not get that great of a reception from the fans. I think Orton got a better reception than Christian did. But, I also don't think WWE creative needs to always push or not push based on the reaction of the WWE universe. They, we, can be very fickle and very subjective at times. Nonetheless, I cannot say for 100% sure that there is no way that Christian will get the MitB case for the WWE title. Just as I can not say with 100% surety the total opposite either. Let's just say that he could definitely be a surprise winner. Of course, if they are putting him into a tag program with Sheamus, then there is no reason to allow him to win.

Randy Orton Maybe, just maybe, this will be the opportune time for the viper to strike and turn heel. The other guy that Daniel Bryan needs to keep his eye on...along with Kane. Yes we seen Orton shake DB's hand at the end of the street fight match on Raw. But that could mean just the total opposite of what we normally might think. This very well might be the perfect set up for Orton to turn heel and get his punt kick back and ruin any chance that Daniel Bryan might have to win the MitB case this year. Now as far as his chances, that is Orton's, I hate to say that I am on the fence on him. But I am. He is already a 9 time champ in this company. I still wonder whether he is still being held down due to past indiscretions with the wellness policy of the company. If that is the case, then I say no he won't be the winner. If, in fact, he is finally off probation so-to-speak from the last suspension, and they finally are giving him what he wants...turning heel...then he may very well be a good candidate to win this match and go on to strike out of nowhere to defeat Cena later on down the road.

RVD The whole F'n show. Mr. Monday Night. Yeah we get it Rob, you're returning to WWE for the last hoorah of your career in this business no doubt. That would be my guess. Though we may not know the specifics of your new limited appearances contract, and kudos to you for negotiating that to get some balance in your career and personal life, the fact that you are going to be a part-timer is going to be a strike against you to winning this MitB contract for the WWE title. But then again, they did hand the WWE title over to another part-timer, actually a less-than-part-timer, at the beginning of this year when they handed the title over to the Rock at Royal Rumble. So, even though having that limited appearance schedule might be a strike against you, it is only one strike. A couple of things to his advantage is that it is his return after 4 years in a company where he really didn't make as much of an impact as some may have thought he would. Or maybe even fell short of his own expectations as well. Yes he held titles, but really got lost in the shuffle after a while and ended up losing a title in a division that was practically dead when he left. Other advantage, the ppv is in Philadelphia, sort of a homecoming, a "hardcore" homecoming, for RVD. Would be interesting to hear the crowd blow the roof off if RVD was able to capture the MitB case. So, I wouldn't doubt if WWE creative didn't have that in the back of their mind when considering writing RVD in as the winner. So, I will give him a better chance to win this than the other contestants already assessed. Even the dark horses.

Daniel Bryan Mr. Intensity as of late. Whether you like him or not, you cannot deny that he is one of the most skilled wrestlers in WWE who has shown the most heart and desire as of late. One of the hardest workers in the company as well, if not the entire business. Now, before the ending of their match last week was legitimately cancelled due to injury, we had all read that Daniel was penciled in to face John Cena for the WWE title at this very ppv. Obviously, being penciled in is key for "things can change". And in fact they do and they did. Mark Henry is now facing Cena for the title, and Daniel Bryan is getting his shot at an opportunity down the road to cash it in to win the WWE title. As noted before, I believe that opportunity will come against Cena and not Henry. Nonetheless, as also written earlier, Daniel may want to keep his eye on not only his former tag team champion partner, Kane, but also Randy Orton. Both of them might make sure that Daniel Bryan never has a chance to climb that ladder and win the case. I believe DB's chances are as good as anyone else's to win the MitB this year. He has proven himself as of late. He really, though tied down to Kane in Team Hell No, was proving himself the whole time. I give him the best chance to win this all. The case will be his ticket to be put in the feud with Cena later on. Probably sooner than later really.

CM Punk Best in the World is finally back. Thank God. I will be honest in my bias by saying that I really hope that he does win the MitB case and goes on to regain what really should have never been taken away from him in the first place. But that is all in the past, and Punk, I believe, is bound and determined in his focus to regain the WWE title and break his previous title reign of 434 days with a new record. And he can do it without the assistance of Paul Heyman. He is going to have to do it without him. Only thing, person, that may get in his way this year is Brrroooock Lesnar. I honestly can see Brock coming down to the ring during this match and giving Punk an F5 and destroying his shot at winning the MitB. And I can see Paul Heyman watching all this occur as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp. Even if Punk were not to go on to win the case and cash it in down the road, I do see at least one or two more title reigns for Punk before he decides to retire. But he is only going to be 35 this year, so I hope that will be at least another ten years down the road from now. That F5 will set up a summer long feud between Punk and Lesnar and might even lead to a following feud between Punk and Axel afterwards.

Well, there you have it. Please feel free to agree to disagree with me and give me your picks along with your justification as to why they either deserve to win the case or why they will win. Those justifications may be one in the same or totally separate from each other. Enjoy reading and I look forward to your feedback. God bless and take care.