Justin Barr

I know I am not the only video game geek out there, so I've decided to write about the next edition of the WWE gaming. Typically around Summer Slam WWE announces the roster for their next game. Well this year it's under a new company and there has not been too much information given about it yet. Around this time last year they were airing a promo for the game and boasting about the attitude era game play.

I for one was not really impressed with it. I am actually hoping they focus more on today's wrestlers. Because honestly if people were gonna buy the game they probably watch today's version. And from the last live event I went to, it seemed like a lot of the people who were there happened to be younger.

I'm not saying have only today's stars in the game, everyone enjoys a legend coming back from time to time. But it would be nice to see them have a game mode that you can start off as a young man or woman working the Indy scene. The building your way up to the big show. Even have NXT be one of the steps before you make it up to stardom.

That being said, I do hope to see some of the NXT wrestlers in the game. Playing universe mode in the last game it was difficult to keep an updated roster when they kept bringing people up and down from NXT. Plus it would give some exposure to the new guys which could help bring the show more viewers.

The Roster last game was the biggest so far. But when you really look at it, there were so many doubles and even triples of some people. It gave players some false hopes for the game. Was there really a need for two Lita's and three Triple H?

2k has been producing some good games, hopefully they can get this one right too!

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