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Payback Predictions

Hey everyone I’m finally back after a two month absence. I want to say sorry to those who enjoy reading my blogs. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on the past two months that I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and bang one out. But I’m back in the game now, so I’m here to stay. Now, I thought it was only appropriate seeing how we’re only two days away from the inaugural Payback PPV event, that my newest blog be predictions for Sunday’s show in Chicago. The Allstate Arena is one of the best WWE venues in the country as the crowd there is always full of true wrestling fans. Some would even say they’re hardcore and I for one will agree with that. They truly are some of the best wrestling fans in the world. They’re hot all night long and they’ll let you know how they feel about a certain superstar, whether everyone likes him or not. So without further adieu, here are my predictions for Sunday’s event in Chi-Town.

Pre-Show Match
Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus

You know, it’s a shame that this match is kicking off the PPV on the pre-show. I’ve enjoyed this little feud up to this point and definitely thought it deserved to be on the actual card. What’s the point of even having a pre-show anyway? They should be stacking the main card as much as possible. The more matches there are, the more likely there will be less stupid backstage segments. Anyway back to this bout, even though it’s on the pre-show I believe these two will put on a nice showing. Sandow’s attack on the Celtic Warrior on Smackdown last week was nothing short of spectacular. As much as I want Sandow to win, I just can’t see Sheamus putting him over. In the end it’ll be the intellectual savior of the masses on the receiving end of a brogue kick. Sheamus picks up the win.

Divas Championship Match
AJ vs. Kaitlyn(c)

Wait a minute what’s this? The Divas Championship is being defended? On a PPV no less? My god it must be the end of the world. All kidding aside though, I am actually looking forward to this match. AJ became the #1 contender weeks and I mean weeks ago. So it’s great to see her finally getting her shot as I think she’s the best diva going in WWE right now. She’s a good heel, good on the mic and very good in the ring. I think she plays the crazy chick well. The other reason I’m looking forward to this match is because I can’t stand Kaitlyn. Which is why it’s going to be that much sweeter when AJ takes the title from her. It was nice to see these two in an actual divas segment on Raw this past Monday. Sometimes I think Vince forgets that he even has divas at his disposal. But I think no matter the result on Sunday, that this feud will continue which is fine with me. This match should be pretty decent if these ladies are given the time to work. I see AJ making Kaitlyn tap out to her finisher and walking out the new Divas Champion.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

A lot of people are saying that this will be the match of the night on Sunday. I agree with them but there’s just one problem. I have a strange feeling that Punk is going to no-show, leading to someone else coming out to face Y2J. I say that because as much as I want the best in the world to return, I don’t see him coming back until Summerslam at least. I feel like Punk is legitimately enjoying his time off, as he should be. I mean the guy was champion for over a year. Let him take as much time off as he wants as far as I’m concerned. But back to him no-showing, I say that for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that no one has heard from Punk regarding the match on Sunday. What I mean is, there haven’t been any tweets relating to Sunday and his bout with Y2J. Punk hasn’t even been via-satellite or anything like that on Raw or Smackdown to talk about Y2J’s challenge. There hasn’t been anything of that sort so that leaves me a little skeptical. Granted, if he does return that’s probably the best way to do it, keep quiet and keep it a huge surprise. My second reason I see him no-showing is because of Paul Heyman. Think about it, Heyman basically accepted Jericho’s challenge weeks ago by himself. He probably didn’t even talk to Punk about it. He did it on “Punk’s behalf.” When in actuality it was probably Y2J goading Heyman and Punk into the match. Not to mention, Heyman’s main focus now is Curtis Axel, so I could see Punk getting pissed off at Heyman for accepting the match without consulting him. Which would lead to Punk returning as a face to square off against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and Heyman would be in Brock’s corner. Sorry I went off-track there, talking about post Payback happenings. But if Punk does show up Sunday it’ll hands down be the match of the night. It would be the third go-around between these two and Punk is 2-0 so you’d have to believe Jericho would get the win. My prediction is that Punk no-shows and Jericho faces someone else and beats them.

United States Championship Match
Kane vs. Dean Ambrose(c)

Is it me or is the United States Championship slowly starting to mean something again? I think so and it’s all because of the title's current holder, Dean Ambrose of The Shield. I feel like this title has been defended at least 3 times in the past month or so, which is awesome. Compare that to when that joke Santino Marella was the US Champion. That’s what the midcard titles need, young talented guys like Ambrose who can work and defend their championship as many times as needed. It’s been a while since the US title was anything of value, so it’s awesome to finally see a champion who’s worthy of holding it. Dean Ambrose is more than worthy and it’s only a matter of time before the US title is fully restored to prominence. But enough of me gushing over Mr. Ambrose, I’m glad to see Kane get a US title shot. He’s been feuding with The Shield along with D-Bry, for some time now so it’s only right that the big red machine gets his hands on one of the hounds of justice. Kane can still go in the ring and put him in there with a guy of Ambrose’s caliber, I’m expecting a solid contest. In the end, look for Ambrose to retain, with or without help.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins(c) & Roman Reigns(c) (The Shield)

I’ve been hearing rumors that Daniel Bryan may turn heel during this match. First of all, that makes absolutely no sense in my book. D-Bry is the most over he’s ever been in his career at the moment so what good would it do turning him heel? They should continue to build him up as a face, I mean if you think about it he could very well be the next face of the company. Second of all if anyone should turn heel it’s my boy Randy Orton. I’ve been waiting for this supposed heel turn for over a year now. Hey Vince, what’s the hold up on that old man? If you had any smarts left in that brain of yours, you’d pull the trigger on that ASAP. I could rant about Orton turning heel all night but I’m going to stop right now before I get even more frustrated with that than I already am. The Shield’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have been good champions so far. After capturing the titles at Extreme Rules, they successfully defended their newly won copper the next night on Raw in Team Hell No’s rematch. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan’s teamwork will be something to keep an eye on during this bout. If you ask me, there’s definitely going to be some friction. Another thing that I will keep my eye on in this match is when Rollins and D-Bry get in the ring together. I say that because these two put on an absolute wrestling clinic this past Monday on Raw. It was technical wrestling at its finest. When people ask why I still watch wrestling, it’s because of matches like that. When you put two in-ring technicians in the squared circle together, you’re guaranteed to see something special. With that being said, I think this will be an exceptional tag team match. My prediction is for The Shield to retain due to a miscommunication between Orton and D-Bry. Which will possibly lead to some post-match activity.

Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Curtis Axel vs. The Miz vs. Wade Barrett(c)

Curtis Axel has found himself in a championship match in his PPV debut. Not bad for a rookie, but considering Fandango had to be pulled from the match due to a legitimate concussion, the seed of Mr. Perfect wasn’t a bad choice for his replacement. I always enjoy seeing the Intercontinental title being defended, especially on a PPV, because these days it rarely happens. It seems as though Miz has finally established himself as a solid upper mid-carder. He and Wade Barrett have been at each other’s throats for a while now and it’s cool to see the feud still going on. I enjoy mid-card feuds just as much as main event feuds, especially when the talent in the mid-card feud is better than the talent in the main event feud. Yes I’m looking at you Cena and Ryback. As for Curtis Axel, he seems pretty solid in the ring and personally I’ve always been a fan of the cocky young newcomers ala Randy Orton back in the day. I will say that he needs to work on his mic skills. Which is one of the reasons I believe he has Paul Heyman by his side. Some guys just need a mouthpiece. With that being said I don’t see him winning gold just yet. All in all this should be a decent triple threat match as all three guys are pretty talented. Miz’s in-ring work has improved but being a Barrett fan, I hope his barrage continues. He’s been a good Intercontinental Champion and after Sunday I think it’s the start of bigger and better things for him and his IC title will be with him along the way. I see Barrett hitting Miz with yet another bullhammer elbow to pick up the win.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler(c)

Words can’t describe how pumped I am for this match simply for the fact that Dolph is back and it will be his first ever defense of his World Heavyweight Championship. Thanks to Jack Swagger’s inadvertent kick to the skull, Ziggler has been out since May 6th with a legitimate concussion. Del Rio became the #1 contender at Extreme Rules after he defeated Swags in an I Quit match. So Del Rio has been patiently waiting for the champion’s return (as have I) and come Sunday the wait is over. While I will admit I’m sick of the Ziggler/Del Rio feud, (how many chances can Del Rio get?) that doesn’t change the fact that I am very much so looking forward to these two going at it for the gold. These guys are two of the best wrestlers in the business currently, so I’m expecting a quality back and forth contest with some good spots and some nearfalls as well. Zigs and Del Rio have squared off before so they should have some good chemistry. Expect Ricardo Rodriguez and AJ along with Big E to be in their respective corners. I know Dolph is a heel but I would love to see him beat Del Rio clean. It would just make him look that much better. I predict this to be one of the better matches of the night with Dolph retaining his title when it’s all said and done.

3 Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Championship
Ryback vs. John Cena(c)

Three stages of hell you say? More like 3 stages of mediocre pain. This will be only the 4th 3 stages of hell match in WWE history. The last time one took place was four years ago at the Bash PPV in 2009 between Randy Orton and Triple H. Speaking of The Game, he has actually been in all three of them. The first one back in 2001 at No Way Out against Stone Cold Steve Austin which was epic. The second was at Armageddon 2002 where it was The Game vs. Shawn Michaels. Triple H was victorious in both of those until Orton dethroned him at the most recent 3 stages of hell match in 2009. Even that one with Orton and Triple H had better matches than the upcoming bout on Sunday. This time around we have SuperCena defending his title against the Ryback. The first bout will be a lumberjack match, the second will be a tables match and the third if necessary, will be an ambulance match. The first two matches sound boring as hell then you throw in two of the most boring guys in the business and you might as well grab your pillow and blanket. I’m sure Cena and Ryback will do whatever they can to make this entertaining as possible but even that may not be enough. This feud has ran its course in my opinion and correct me if I’m wrong but if Ryback loses, I believe that’ll be his 8th straight PPV loss. Talk about a guy who can’t catch a break. The one thing I have been impressed with when it comes to Ryback, is his mic skills. He’s actually cut pretty decent promos on Cena over the past few weeks. But when it comes to Cena, I don’t really have anything PG to say about him. It’s the same old s***, just a different day. I predict Cena to win the lumberjack match, Ryback to win the tables match and finally Cena to load Ryback into the back of the ambulance to retain his title. Yawn. Overall I think that this will be the worst 3 stages of hell match to date.

So there you have it homeboys and homegirls. Payback has a stacked card so there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t deliver. Add the fact that it’s taking place in Chicago and you’re already guaranteed a great crowd who will be rowdy all night long. I’m anxious to see if Punk does in fact no-show, how loud the boos are going to be in the Allstate Arena. Talk about the ultimate heel move, no-showing a PPV in your own hometown. It doesn’t get better than that, if you’re talking heel heat. But as I said earlier if the best in the world does show up, he and Y2J will tear the house down and it will be a tough act to follow. As I leave you with that, I want to know what you guys think. Everyone, what do you think will happen at Payback? Do you think Punk will show or not? Or does anyone see a certain superstar turning heel? Whatever you guys think I want to know. Let me hear what you have to say!!

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