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RingsideNews would like to hear what you think what will go down at Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. If you would like to be heard, please send in your predictions by using our form at this link or email me at SteveCarrier@Ringsidenews.com.


RSN Member Steve Thompson sent in the following:

WWE Extreme Rules is upon us! Looks like a solid show, though I do expect WWE to provide us with at least one bonus match. Here are some of my thoughts/predictions on tonight's PPV.

Tonight's Pre Show: The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

-This should be a decent match, good way to get the crowd excited. Cody is good at making people hate him, but at the same time I'm not entirely convinced that Miz is over as a face. Against a strongly hated heel, perhaps. But on his own, I'm not so sure. I expect Miz to pick up the win, though I'd like to see a Cody Rhodes push. In due time, I'm sure. Can’t' push everyone at once.

Fandango v Chris Jericho

-I'm a Jericho fanboy, not gonna lie. But the Fandango character intrigues me. As long as WWE adds depth to the character, then I don't see his momentum dying down anytime soon. Jericho is good at putting guys over, it's what he accepts as his role in WWE now. Classy guy. I'd expect Chris to pull off a win here, and maybe continuing the feud. If they get enough time, it could be a really good match.

Extreme Rules Match: Randy "wants 2 B heel" Orton vs Big Show

--There's a leaded video teasing the PPV "Payback". In the video, Orton is hearing "voice" and hearing to be losing his sanity. As if he ever had it. Some say this is a sign of a heel turn in the works for Randy. While I sincerely hope so...I wouldn't be so quick to get my hopes up. WWE, they are many things, one of which being masters of teasing something and never following through with it. Randy has expressed his desire to turn heel and the WWE Universe (well, the IWC I guess) agrees. Will we see it happen? Not likely to happen tonight, though you never know. It will at some point though, I'm sure. Then Randy can get back in the title hunt and thrive as a villain once again. The winner of tonight's match: My pick is Orton.

Strap Match: Sheamus vs Mark Henry

--I'm really enjoying Mark Henry's work as of rate. His intensity is unmatched. He's also bringing out the best in Sheamus. WWE needs to add something more to Sheamus's character in order for him to remain over with the the fans. This strap match should prove to a "slobberknocker", as Jim Ross would say. I'm curious to see how creative they get with the straps. My pick for winner? I'd like to see Henry win, though it's more likely Sheamus.

Tornado Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship-Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane) vs The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins)

--The tag division WAS seeing a bit of a revival for a while, but it fizzled out a bit. This should be a solid match; all 4 men are great workers. I expect to see a few cool spots from Bryan and Rollins. I expect The Shield to come out victorious and win the gold. Team Hell No has had a great run, but it’s time for new champs. The Shield as a whole is on a roll for sure. I expect great things from them. Which leads me to…

Dean Ambrose (The Shield) vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE United States Championship

--Should be a great match…both are very gifted workers. Expect a few high spots. I’m very interested in see Dean Ambrose show the world what he capable of. WWE seems to have high expectations of him, and I expect him to meet and surpass those expectations. I look for all three members of The Shield to walk out of Extreme Rules with gold around their waists. The sky is the limit for these three. As for Kofi, who knows. WWE goes back and forth all the time as to whether or not they want to push him. Will he ever main event? Well, I’ll say this. Not as a babyface. Kofi needs a darkside.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar III-Steel Cage Match

--Honestly, I’m so tired of seeing these two go at it. However, it’s big money whenever Brock is involved, so that’s why WWE is giving us a third match between these two. It should be very physical, hard hitting. I would expect this to be the last match of the series. Not sure what is next for Brock. A feud with the Rock is seeming unlikely at this point though WWE would jump at the opportunity to do Rock/Brock at Wrestlemania 30. We’ll see I guess. My pick for this match: Brock Lesnar.

Side Note: I truly hope this doesn't end up being a PG show. Cable and satellite previews show it as listed TV-14. Let’s hope so. Can’t have a real Extreme Rules show under PG limitations. WE WANT BLOOD. Or something like that.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack “I’ll be irrelevant again by 2014” Swagger-“I Quit” Match-Number One Contender status for World Heavyweight Championship

--No Ziggles tonight. Dammit. Oh well, wish him a speedy recovery. Concussions are serious business. Honestly, guys…this match is going to bore me. I’m not convinced that Del Rio is over as a face, much like I said about The Miz. And Swagger, while talented and very gifted...sigh. I don’t know. Not sold on him, I guess. Should be a decent match though, I guess. I wonder if the crowd will even care who wins. My pick for winner: Alberto Del Rio. He’ll move on to feud with Ziggler for the title. Looking forward to that.

Ryberg..err…Ryback vs John “super” Cena-Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

--Cena isn’t losing so early in his reign. And if anyone has been paying attention here on RSN, I am NOT a fan of Ryberg. I cannot get past the clear and apparent Goldberg ripoff. And not just that, the guy is big and strong, but that’s about it. No real charisma. It’s just not believable to me. Just my opinion guys, I’m not a Cena fanboy…but I expect him to him after taking a predictable beating for most the match and retain his title. I hope this feud is done after this PPV.

So there it is. Should be a solid PPV…though I’m sure at some spots it’ll be less than watchable. If you’re watching with us here on RSN…you pretty much shouldn't complain about a bad PPV anyway, considering you didn't pay for it. However, I know some will. And that’s okay. The world needs whiny bitches too.

Hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy tonight’s Extreme Rules PPV.

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