Adam wilkinson

The Shield or Evolution 2.0?

Now the majority of the long term WWE fans know about evolution but just how many of them have made comparisons. Granted that the shield is a 3 man stable were as Evolution had 4 members but there are still comparisons to be made with each member.

Dean Ambrose = Triple H
We all know that Triple H was the mastermind behind evolution and the same can be said about Ambrose and the shield. Triple H is a 13 time world champion and a big part of his success can as part of evolution. Ambrose also shows the same potential. As many people would say Ambrose is also the so-called "Leader" of the shield taking a big part of the promo's for the shield and the most singles matches (to date) as part of the shield, this appears to a logical comparison. Another comparison is the eccentric behavior of both Ambrose and Hunter. Whilst both can be labeled as eccentric on the mic both have the tools in the ring to deliver the results.

Seth Rollins = Randy Orton
We all know the historical rise of Randy Orton but can the same happen to Seth Rollins. In my view yes it can. Rollins has shown me somethings in his Indy days as well as the early stages of NXT. When Orton was new to Evolution and (for the first time) being widely used in WWE story lines many people said that Orton had this X-factor. Who is to say that Rollins doesn't have this? Orton found success as a mid-card member of Evolution, I feel that the same could happen to Rollins (carry a mid card title for a bit before making a big step up to the world title level). The key for Rollins to reach that main event stage however will be story lines. Orton was the legend killer...maybe Rollins can be the diva pleaser (Or then again maybe not!!)

Roman Reigns = Batista
Here is the obvious one. Batista = Animal, Reigns = Animal. Both of these are the power behind their respective groups. Reigns has the Spear and power bomb, Batista has the spear and Batista bomb. I don't really need to go on with this one.

Teased 4th member = Ric Flair
Now the recent rumors have been suggesting a forth member of the shield, all we have to do now is figure out who that could be. To match the profile of Ric Flair, the mystery man has to be Styling and Profiling, but would also require that veterans experience and would have to know every dirty trick in the book. There are a few possibilities for this. WWE can repackage someone in NXT to become Ric Flair or WWE can just have the shield not have a 4th member and let the rumors remain just that.