Adam wilkinson

Who Could Replace The Injured Cena?

This is working on the assumption that John Cena’s reported injury is legit.

Suffering an injury to your right Achilles tendon does not tickle. I had an injury similar to that whilst playing football as a teenager. Soccer it’s referred to in US. It was not fun. It was on my left side, and needless to say I didn’t play again for the rest of the season, which was like 6 or so games to go at that point.

For a WWE Superstar who has to perform as many shows, either house shows, TV shows, PPVs as a WWE Superstar has to do, an Achilles tendon injury as severe as reported would, as people have speculated, put them out of action for 6 months plus. Even with the best doctors in the world, these things should not be rushed.

So, based on my obviously limited medical knowledge, as shown above, WWE should not rush Cena back to action. As high up the babyface food chain as Mr Cena is, the viewers will still be there. The PPVs will still be purchased and RAW will still be most watched episodic TV program on a weekly basis, Cena or no Cena.

Due to the Champ not being able to defend his title within the 30 day period or however many days it is, Cena must therefore vacate the title. It has happened to the likes of Edge and Batista in recent years, and it does totally suck for the Champ, but WWE can still turn this into a positive for anybody they bring in as Champ. Even if that person does drop it to Cena upon his return. That being said, who could replace Cena as Champ?

First of all, I believe they should have the vacant title defended in a Championship scramble match. 6 of the best superstars on the current roster beating the crap out of each other for an hour until there is an eventual winner.

First Superstar – Ryback

First reason he should be in the match should be because he is number one contender. It could work either way for Ryback. He could do a similar promo to ADR when he was a heel and say he should just be given the title when Edge had to retire, just because he’s number one contender, see how that goes down.

He could win the match and come back with a similar promo to Ziggler by saying he won it in spite of the crowd, but he could also lose the match and challenge the winner afterwards because he was number one contender. Either option could affirm his heel status.

Do I think he should win? No. To give someone the WWE Title as their first title, especially someone with mixed reviews like Ryback could be a hindrance to his character, not a help.

Second Superstar – Randy Orton

This could be the perfect time for an overdue Orton heel turn. We’ve all been waiting for it.

Orton could win the match and still remain a babyface and go against Ryback, or he could turn heel during the match by RKO’ing a babyface for the win, or grabbing the tights on a babyface to steal the win. Therefore stating he took the chance that any fan would have done, and everyone else is a loser. I’m sure he’d pull it off.

I think either option would benefit Orton at present, either win as babyface or heel. Do I think he should win? Yes. The fans are all over Orton at the moment, for the right reasons. He is their pick and WWE should go with him.

Third Superstar – Sheamus

Sheamus’s character has been stale for a long time. He has done all he can as a babyface currently, maybe he could turn heel by Brogue Kicking Orton at the death for the win. He’ll certainly get a better reaction from the crowd than he gets currently.

Or maybe a run as WWE Champ as a babyface could pull his character out of the slumber. This feud against Mark Henry currently seems to be waking him up a bit after an average run against an impressive Shield. Maybe it’s Sheamus’s turn?

Do I think he should win? No. Sorry fella, I’m a big fan, but I do think it should be heel Champ vs. Sheamus and not Champ Sheamus vs. heel.

Fourth Superstar – Mark Henry

He has been impressive since he returned. Granted, a good portion of his matches have been against low to mid carders, i.e. Ryder or Santino, but they did succeed in putting Henry over. He was a great World Heavyweight Champ before and is off the back of a win at Wrestlemania; maybe they should give Henry a try.

This feud with Sheamus will do his character the world of good if Henry goes over. Having him beat a big fella like Sheamus will put him on the map, again.

Do I think he should win? Maybe. I think he’ll pull it off and do well, but I can’t help but think he won’t win and he’ll feud with the babyface champ, whoever that may be.

Fifth Superstar – Daniel Bryan

His run as part of Team Hell No is due to end, whenever that may be. Maybe that should be now, putting him in the title picture would kick start his singles run again. This may be a case of putting him in to make the numbers up though, but he can work a decent match so he’ll look good in the scramble, plus fans love the beard!

If and when he does become a singles star again, he should be in the title picture, either as camp or challenger. I am leaning more towards babyface than heel, he can still bring the comedic side to the singles role.

Do I think he should win? No. Sorry to all the D Bryan fans, but he’ll need an extensive push as a singles star again first.

Sixth Superstar - ???

I have to admit, I was a little stumped on the last one. An idea could be an over the top battle royal to determine the last, assuming Big Show isn’t included. I can’t help but think they’d put Big Show in now he’s finished his feud with Sheamus and Orton.

It could open the door for a number of potential main event superstars, Cesaro, any member of The Shield, Wade Barrett.
Obviously Punk is out of the question at the moment, hence his exclusion from my list, otherwise I would say just give it to him, like they did with HHH when Bischoff just gave it to him. That could have drawn some heat, alas; he’s not here at present.

All the above would make it interesting. If they just make it a one on one match between two guys it wouldn’t be as entertaining.

Just a thought, this of course all depends if the injury is a work or not. It could just be a ploy to get more viewers, but I doubt it.