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Cena Will Not Turn Heel, Let It Go Already!

Watching the video I attached to this blog made me hysterical. Not because what he had to say was funny because it's true (because it's not), but because it was a few minutes of pure idiocy. The fact that he could not complete a thought without yelling or cussing makes him look like the moron I know he more than likely is in real life. Why does this video have anything to do with the title? It's simple. It's people like this in the I.W.C. out there that have been whining and pissing and moaning for John Cena to turn heel for years now. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! Let it go! I'm really tired of hearing about it because it's like those of you who complain that Zack Ryder isn't used a lot. It's more than likely his own fault, let it go.

Sometimes, it honestly feels like all people do now is bitch about the WWE because the guy they wanted to win didn't, or the heel turn they wanted never happened. It's like listening to a toddler whine because his mother refuses to give him a cookie. It's pathetic. In my opinion, it's one of the reasons wrestling fans still get a bad rap. Do you honestly believe the WWE gives a hoot that a very small minority does not like what they are doing for reasons that make no sense? Absolutely not, they could care less because the whiners are a very small minority.

The charity work that Cena does for multiple organizations alone is the main reason he won't turn. Compromising all that hard work for a great cause for a short term storyline is asinine and ridiculous. Why some of you tend to ignore this is mind boggling. Let's just come to terms with something I call reality and face facts. he won't turn heel, end of story. Just because you want something, doesn't mean it will happen. Nobody gets what they want all the time, drop it. Suck it up, move on.

For those of you who say the WWE's shit on a weekly basis while reviewing Raw, Smackdown, or a Pay Per View, it's very simple. Don't watch. Nobody is forcing you to watch it, just turn the channel. That's why multiple channels exist, so you can change it and find something you like. Grow up and get over yourselves.

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