Adam wilkinson

Wrestlemania 29 Review

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett - Intercontinental Championship

I missed a little bit of this match, but I saw Wade Barrett hit a nice boot on the Miz. The Miz countered one of Barrett’s signature moves. Wade Barrett made a nice counter of Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale and eventually hit him with the Winds of Change. Miz almost made Barrett tap with the Figure Four, but Barrett came back and hit a thunderous Wasteland. Eventually though, my prediction was correct and the Miz became the Intercontinental Champion. Overall, this match wasn’t bad for a pre-show, but it wasn’t that good.

Score: 3/10

Randy Orton, Sheamus, & The Big Show vs. The Shield

As Orton, Sheamus, and Show enter, they show the Spanish Announce Team (Highlight of Wrestlemania). The Shield entered and got a pretty good reaction from the crowd. Roman Reigns and Sheamus kick off Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns was somewhat annoying as he was constantly screaming. Randy Orton hit a HUGE dropkick on Seth Rollins a bit into the match. As Rollins tagged in Ambrose to take on Sheamus, Ambrose got a great pop. Big Show ripped off the protective clothing of Dean Ambrose and was being chopped up like crazy by Show. Rollins hit a nice flying knee to Show. It started going slow for a bit as the Shield were just mauling Big Show. Rollins hit a huge running knee to the face of Show. As Big Show was down, Rollins hit a HUGE one-legged dropkick to Orton. Sheamus also ripped off Rollins’ clothing and clubbed his chest. Sheamus then went to Ambrose and mauled him! After that, Sheamus did a rolling fireman’s carry senton on Seth Rollins, right on top of Ambrose! Rollins hit a HUGE suicide dive on Orton. Shield eventually began ganging up on Sheamus after they took out Orton and Big Show. As they were going for the triple powerbomb, Big Show came in and SPEARED Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Orton stole Show’s tag and went nuts! Orton hit a huge mid-air RKO on Rollins. Right after, Orton got mauled by Roman Reigns and was pinned by Ambrose. This was a good victory and they got a good pop from the crowd. Not a bad match. However, after the match, Show hit huge WMDs on Orton and Sheamus! I felt that Orton was going to turn heel. Show was just heel, so I think it should’ve been Orton or even Sheamus. Overall though, good ending to that whole thing.

Score: 5/10

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry didn’t get much of a pop, but neither did Ryback. One thing that shocked me was that we saw the pyro on the stage. I also noticed that Ryback had some new ring gear that looked pretty cool. The Goldberg chants were raining down as the match began. As Ryback was hitting shots on Henry, he was being booed (GO NYC!). Mark Henry then leveled Ryback. We also heard some huge Sexual Chocolate chants. Henry hit a solid clothesline while Ryback was on the edge. After he did this, the Sexual Chocolate chants returned again! Mark Henry started applying a weak looking Bear Hug. Mark Henry blasted Ryback right out the ring and screamed, “THAT’S WHAT I DO!” He got a good pop from that. This match kept going really slowly. Ryback began to start a come back, and the “Feed Me More” chants started to live. Ryback hit a HUGE clothesline on Henry. Ryback looked like he was going to win. He had Henry up for Shellshocked! However, Ryback fell forward and Henry collapsed on him. Henry was able to pin him and get the win. After the match, Henry was going to attack Ryback, but Ryback hit a huge spinebuster on Henry, and then got him up and hit the Shellshocked! It was pretty insane that he hit the Shellshocked. Overall, this match wasn’t good, though, as Ryback’s moment was ruined because he picked up Henry twice.

Score: 3/10

After this match, JBL started hitting a Power Slammer version of Rey Mysterio! That was HILARIOUS!

Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston - WWE Tag Team Championship

I love how Ziggler started out by mocking Daniel Bryan kissing AJ. After that, Bryan went nuts and hit a suicide dive on Ziggler. Bryan was hitting tons of kicks to Ziggler, but Ziggler dodged one and tagged Big E. Bryan tags in Kane and here we go! Big E was able to catch Kane and hit him with three backbreakers! Kane hit a nice shot on Big E, but Big E. knocked him down. Ziggler was tagged in and hit a nice dropkick to Kane. As Big E was going for an overhead throw, he got hit with a good DDT by Kane. Ziggler was tagged in and he was selling Kane’s moves very well. Bryan stopped the pin after a nice Fameasser from Ziggler. But, as Bryan was going for a roundhouse to the head, Ziggler dodged and blasted Bryan with a dropkick. As Big E got leveled on the outside, Ziggler hit a Zig Zag on Kane which he kicked out of! Eventually, Kane hit Ziggler with a chokeslam and Bryan hit him with a diving headbutt to take the win. After the match, there was a HUGE Yes! chant going on led by none other than Daniel Bryan. Overall, I felt that this match was a bit short for my liking, but it wasn’t terrible.

Score: 4/10

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Fandango had a pretty good entrance with lots of female dancers coming out before he walked down. He did a little dance that was OK, then began to walk down. Lillian didn’t really do well at pronouncing his name, but oh well. Jericho also had a really good entrance with all of the lights going out. Lots of pyro. Y2J chants were raining down as the match began. As Fandango was dancing, Chris Jericho mauled him! He was hitting some big chops. As this match was going, I was impressed with Fandango’s selling. Jericho hit a forward vertical suplex on Fandango right on top of the ropes, and Fandango did a huge front flip. Jericho hit a huge Codebreaker on Fandango. Jericho just kept mauling Fandango and eventually hit a crossbody on him to the outside. Fandango was still selling like a pro. As Jericho was going to hit that diving dropkick to Fandango while he was on the edge of the ring, Fandango countered it in midair with an enzuigiri. Fandango lost momentum soon after. I noticed Jericho was bleeding during the match. Jericho just began to maul Fandango again. Fandango was able to throw Jericho into the ringpost with a nasty clang. Fandango hit the top rope leg drop, but Jericho kicked out. As Jericho goes for a superplex, the crowd stands up, however, he got pushed off and Fandango missed the leg drop. Chris Jericho somewhat missed the Lionsault, but he tweaked his knee. He went for the Walls of Jericho, but was placed in a small package by Fandango, who stole a win. Overall, this was a fairly one-sided matchup that was okay.

Score: 4/10

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger - World Heavyweight Championship

I hate the fact that WWE skipped Jack Swagger’s entrance. Especially in one of Wrestlemania’s big matches. Swagger tripped up Del Rio while he was on the turnbuckle and he landed on his back on the top turnbuckle. So far, this match is going a bit slow, not much happening. Del Rio eventually came back and hit a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio maintained momentum, eventually hitting a nice backstabber on Swagger. Del Rio hit a painful looking German Suplex on Swagger. After that, Swagger was able to come back and hit a huge Gutwrench Powerbomb. He applied the Patriot Lock and he had it in tight. Del Rio was able to make a really nice transition into the Cross Armbreaker though. And Swagger counters it right back into the Patriot Lock! Swagger was going for the Gutwrench again, but got hit with a large roundhouse from Del Rio. Swagger got back into it and started attacking him on the outside after he threatened Zeb Colter. Out of nowhere, Del Rio applied the Cross Armbreaker. I thought that this had a really lame finish to it. Overall, this was a really lame matchup.

Score: 2/10

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

I was really excited for this matchup. The buildup for this match has been so controversial and it makes this one of the most personal matches in Wrestlemania history. Punk had an awesome entrance with Living Colour blasting out his theme live. They are MUCH better than Motorhead. They did kinda stink near the end, but they weren’t nearly as bad as Motorhead. Undertaker had a cool entrance as usual. The flames coming from the Brooklyn Bridge were pretty cool. I think I prefer CM Punk’s entrance, though. Undertaker did have some nice pyro when he turned on the lights. And, it begins. Punk hit a nice roundhouse to Taker, but soon after, Taker hit a huge boot. Punk was blasted into the timekeeper’s area by the Undertaker. I thought Taker was doing well at his age. Undertaker and CM Punk were getting huge chants from the crowd. The crowd was really loud during this match. As Undertaker was going for Old School, Punk countered with a huge arm drag. Punk hit his own version of Old School on the Undertaker! Punk hit a nice leg sweep to Undertaker. Undertaker launched Punk into the turnbuckle, but Taker missed as he was going for a boot and his leg landed awkwardly. Punk was able to hit a huge diving axe handle to Undertaker to the outside. CM Punk was able to also hit a nice swinging neckbreaker. Punk was going for Old School again, but he fell onto the ropes in a bad way. Undertaker looked like he was about to chokeslam Heyman, but Punk came back with a springboard clothesline. Punk hit a large elbow drop to Undertaker, but he kicked out, which was fairly predictable. After that, it was time for Taker to go to sleep. As Punk went for it, Taker countered with a thunderous chokeslam, which Punk kicked out of! Taker was gaining momentum, but Punk was able to stop it with a leg lariat. Taker was gonna hit a Last Ride on Punk through the Spanish Announce Table, but Punk countered with a heel kick. CM Punk went for a HUGE elbow drop on the Spanish Announce Table. Except, the table didn’t break... That was very anti-climatic. Undertaker just made it back into the ring at the count of nine. Out of nowhere, Undertaker locked in Hell’s Gate! Punk was able to counter into a pin. After, he put in the Anaconda Vise! Suddenly, Undertaker got that look in his eyes. He was about to Chokeslam Punk, but he countered into a GTS. Taker countered that and hit a Tombstone! Punk KICKED OUT! This was insane!!! They start throwing a fury of punches at each other. Punk countered the Last Ride with the urn! Taker was still able to kick out. The feeling of this match was just great, as most of Taker’s matches are. Punk suddenly does Taker’s taunt and goes for the GTS. Taker counters by going for the Tombstone. Punk counters by going for the GTS! But, in the end, Taker was able to hit Punk with the Tombstone to steal the win in a pretty good match. Overall, this was a big match, but it wasn’t as good as I wished it to be.

Score: 6/10

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

We all knew this match was going to get crazy. We just didn’t know how crazy. This match was an all-out war. These guys were just beating the absolute crap out of each other. Brock Lesnar blasted Triple H over the barricade, but was clotheslined right back over by Triple H and he almost landed on his neck. A little bit later in the match, Lesnar hit a huge belly to belly suplex on Triple H on the outside. A bit after, the Spanish Announce Table was finally broken after Brock Lesnar suplexed Triple H through it. After that, Lesnar hit another huge belly to belly, this time onto the broken table. Brock Lesnar was just dominant. Soon after, Lesnar Irish Whipped Triple H so hard into the turnbuckle that he fell out of the ring! However, Triple H began to mount a solid comeback, starting with hitting Brock into the timekeeper’s area and a massive spinebuster. However, Lesnar was countering Triple H’s finisher, and then countered Shawn Michaels’ finisher and hit him with a HUGE F5! After it, though, Triple H is able to nail Lesnar with a big Pedigree, but only get a two count. Triple H decides it is time to end it all and he brings out his best friend, the sledgehammer. However, Brock hits the F5 out of nowhere! However, Triple H kicks out! This match was getting pretty good by now. Brock Lesnar starts to level Triple H with the stairs, but Triple H still will not give up. Eventually, Brock puts on the hold that has taken out Triple H twice, the Kimura Lock. Triple H breaks out of it, but gets locked in it again. He breaks it again, but gets caught in it for a third time! He breaks out of it again and gives a huge low blow right to Brock. Triple H starts to destroy Brock Lesnar’s arm. He puts his arm against the turnbuckle and nails it with a chair. He does this again, but this time on the steps! Triple H thinks it’s time, but not for the sledgehammer or the Pedigree. He applies the Kimura! This was awesome! Paul Heyman noticed Brock was in trouble, so he grabs a chair and gets in the ring to break the hold. Out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels blasts Heyman with a huge Sweet Chin Music. Lesnar eventually slams Triple H on the steps, breaking the Kimura. However, Triple H applies it again! Again, Lesnar breaks it. Triple H applies once more! This was insane! However, Brock Lesnar slammed him a third time and broke it for good. Finally, it was time for the sledgehammer, as he put a sledge right to Brock’s head and followed up with a Pedigree on the steps to win this insane match! Overall, I thought this match was pretty good. There was just so much brawling in this match that made it entertaining.

Score: 7/10

The Rock vs. John Cena - WWE Championship

FINALLY! Once in a Lifetime has come back to be a huge failure!

This match was a failure, just like the first one at Wrestlemania 28. I felt that this match was really slow paced and it did not have much to it, just like the last one. The Rock looked like he was really out of it for most of the match. The only part of this match that was worth noting is where Cena looked like he was going to hit the People’s Elbow on the Rock. Last year, after he bounced off the ropes, the Rock got up and hit a Rock Bottom on here to win. This year, Cena hung onto the ropes when the Rock got up and lured him into an Attitude Adjustment. After that, this match was really lackluster and it wasn’t much better than the first installment. If we see Thrice in a Lifetime, I swear...

Score: 1/10

Overall, I was really disappointed in the quality of Wrestlemania 29. At Wrestlemania, we are supposed to see everyone pulling out the big guns and making these incredible and exciting matches. However, this wasn’t really the case for any of the matches (maybe Lesnar vs. Triple H).

Overall Score: 4/10