Justin Barr

So finally Wrestlemania is here !!!! Wait of Wresttlemania 29 commenced when it was announced that it would take place on 7 April 2013 in Metlife Stadium. It's been a helluva ride since then.Road to Wrestlemania 29 began right from the first Raw after Wrestlemania 28 where the Rock hinted a title chase and The Pain returned. Things went pretty well until Summerslam but after that it was an unmitigated disaster. Till Survivor Series the whole thing was quite repetitive and uninteresting. Arrival of The Shield and Ryback's push did spark some interest but ratings didn't see any improvement. In this situation, numerous worries arose on the quality and response of Wrestemania 29.

People's interest returned with the homecoming of The People's Champion. His run for the money resuscitated people's lost interest and WWE got its viewers back. But maybe it wasn't enough. Only one match of Wrestlemania was in the view unlike last year where the main matches were already known before Elimination Chamber. The main built of this Wrestlemania started in early March. The returns of The Game and The Phenom made Wrestlemania 29 tri main evented. By now we know the whole card but do expect some very minor changes during pre show but overall we do have an idea how the event's gonna look like. After an year with so many ups and majorly downs WWE has been able to put up really interesting matches ....... BUT is it enough to make it the greatest Wrestlemania of all time?

Every year WWE tries to give their best at the beginning of April and has been able to for the past 29 years and in MY opinion event this year they have been able to utilize 90% of the potential they had. My only complain is that Ziggler,Jericho and Ryback should have been in better matches. Well nothing much can be done 2 days before. My concern right now is that whether this Wrestlemania would be the best of all time or can it at least maintain the standards set by Wrestlemania 28 or the whole thing would end up in a complete mess? The main problem with this year's Wrestlemania is that almost all feuds have been built over a time period of not more than 6 weeks. Even the guy who had watched WWE last on this year's February won't be able to understand what's going on at Wrestlemania. Moreover all the main events are rematches (I don't mind that but there are people who do). But if you look at it as an overall it isn't that bad. But is it enough to be the best? Nah, I don't think so. Rock vs Cena isn't that special as much as it was last year and memories of Lesnar vs Triple H are still fresh in our mind. Taker vs Punk's built has been my favorite but i can't say whether it would've been the same if Paul Bearer hadn't died. The other matches look far from being interesting except Shield vs the 3 former world champs. One noteworthy thing is that Ziggler is going to Wrestlemania with his MITB briefcase. He could become the first guy ever to cash it on the Grandest Daddy of em all. Another problem with Wrestlemania 29 is that all of the matches are predictable. We all know who'll end up being the WWE Champion and whether the streak would extend or not. Well if you don't know then I won't spoil it for you.

Wrestlemania 29 has it own pros and cons but still don't be shocked if it turns out to be the most spectacular thing you've ever seen. Even though the built has not been perfect the matches look promising. This would be Lesnar's first Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania XX. This Wrestlemania would also see in ring debut of Fandango. I strongly feel that this Wrestlemania would keep us glued on our seats from the very beginning to its end. My final verdict on this topic would be that I don't think that this Wrestlemania would be the greatest of all time but yes it would be definitely worth your time and money.

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