Justin Barr

When anyone hears of WrestleMania, and thinks association, the first thing to come to mind is The Streak. Since WrestleMania 7, The Undertaker has built a legacy of going undefeated on the grandest stage of them all.There have also been times where The Streak should have ended, but hasn't, more recently than not. In the last couple of months since CM Punk lost the WWE Championship and won a match to determine who would face Undertaker at 'Mania, Punk has done a masterful job of being able to get inside The Deadman's head, even exploiting the death of 'Taker's longtime manager Paul Bearer and using it to his (Punk's) advantage. Punk has proven in the last couple months that he will stoop to any low to get the advantage going into this Sunday, even dumping Paul Bearer's ashes onto The Deadman.

Question is, will the bell toll for The Streak this Sunday?

I honestly cannot say for sure, even though I am a C.M. Punk fan myself and am pulling for Punk to win, but moreover, I'm pulling for a show-stealing match between these two, as this isn't the first time Taker and Punk have battled. In 2009, Taker and Punk had a short-lived feud over the World Heavyweight Championship and put on two stellar matches, even if they were at minor pay-per-view shows like Breaking Point and Hell In A Cell. It shows Punk and Taker have chemistry in the ring and that both can put on 5-star matches throughout their careers respectively.

As far as WrestleMania, though Taker has the experience in big matches over Punk, Punk is no slouch when it comes to performing at WrestleMania, as he is the only superstar to win the Money In The Bank match 2 consecutive years, and even rode into WrestleMania last year on one of the longest title reigns in WWE history. Taker is no stranger to big WrestleMania matches without question either, as he has defeated the likes of Jake Roberts, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Kevin Nash, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels on wrestling's grandest stage.

Like I said, even though I'm pulling for Punk to beat The Streak, I'm more in favor of Punk and Taker stealing the show and putting on the best match of the evening, even if Undertaker is pushing 50, Taker has proven he can still go, and without a doubt, Punk will be pushed to his limits with Undertaker this time, now that things have become extremely personal.

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