Adam wilkinson

Why CM Punk Has To Lose At Wrestlemania

I've been seeing a lot of people lately clamoring for CM Punk to beat the streak this Sunday at Wrestlemania. It would do tremendous things for his already storied career in the WWE, but it will not happen.It makes as much sense as Santino Marella winning the WWE title. No one should be pushing for it. CM Punk is IMHO one of the best wrestlers going today, and he could win at Wrestlemania this Sunday, ultimately, he will not. I know that the majority of you guys out there already know this, but I have seen people out there who tend to disagree. For those of you who disagree, let's get into this and I'll explain why he can't win this Sunday against the Deadman himself, The Undertaker.

As we all know, The Deadman is 20-0 at Wrestlemania. To have him lose to CM Punk would be throwing away one of the greatest streaks we have ever seen, period. It would be astronomically stupid.This thing has been going for two decades, why stop it now? To give Punk bragging rights for a few months before he moves on to something else? There is no logic in this whatsoever. The Undertaker will win this Sunday, and probably retire soon after. No one should ever beat him at Wrestlemania.

Now, I'm as big of a CM Punk fan as a lot of you are. Having him lose Sunday can do great things for him as well. Just because someone "jobs out" to someone else in this business, it doesn't mean their career will suffer. He will still be one of the company's top guys after he loses, because he's in a match at Wrestlemania with the best of them all at the grand daddy of them all, The Undertaker. Just being in this spot where very few have been or will ever be in is a HUGE accomplishment. It's just as good as being a champion in my opinion. This match will definitely be in the running for the best match of the night, and maybe even the whole year, and we are lucky enough to witness it.

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