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Extreme Rules Has Extreme Possibilities

No matter what you feel about Wrestlemania 29's event loaded with rematches... The next big event, WWE Extreme Rules is certainly a complex issue for any fan wanting to see fresh material.

Consider a loss by CM Punk at Wrestlemania. He will have not won a match without help since May 2012. Each event to close out 2012 was filled with referee help from AJ Lee and Brad Maddox, interference by The Shield, or the couple draw finishes with John Cena (and Big Show). If Punk defeats the Undertaker by some wild stretch, then fans are left with the old Rock/Cena winner and a Punk contention. Unless we see Heyman unite his clients.

Suppose Brock Lesnar doesn't beat the COO of the WWE? Triple H's win probably just means we won't see either man for a while. However, The Game could potentially return at Extreme Rules and challenge... one of his old rivals. Nothing new there and fans would likely care less about The Rock vs Triple H 15 years after that began. However, where does Big Johnny factor into the WWE? Is a power struggle on the horizon and who shares allegiance to the new and old leadership?

Will Daniel Bryan and Kane co-exist? If they win then we have a couple of tag teams they haven't smashed repeatedly. If they can't remain champions, first they'd have a rematch clause. Second, they are in the boat to settle their differences with rematches of Summerslam 2012's Kane vs The Goat. Their work doesn't end at Wrestlemania. However, this team seems to be on the tail end of all possibilities.

Perhaps, there is hope for an old wounds to be freshly opened.

A John Cena win would place The Rock in a rematch for his new belt. But, if The Rock wins, will the WWE allow the fans to witness The Rock vs The Beast in some sort of Extreme Rules showdown? Nassau Coliseum 2002 saw Lesnar send The Rock packing for Hollywood. Another legitimate beating would place The Rock on the shelf and explain any absence he might have for fans. The intrigue of where the WWE will take The Rock should he leave Wrestlemania 29 with his belt is a mystery. Though it seems remotely possible a John Cena character shift is on the horizon. Two Johns on Team Johnny?

This is the set of parameters to consider. In all likelihood we will see another event of rematches after Wrestlemania. The fans whom are unhappy with The Rock as champion, will have a choice whether to share that gripe should Brock Lesnar be champion. In most scenarios the WWE events will be stacked with the regular stars going through feuds we haven't seen progress in ages. Brock Lesnar, Triple H, The Undertaker, The Rock are all on again off again attractions. Add Chris Jericho to the list.

Whom will be the return for post-Wrestlemania? Last year it was a former UFC Champion. I am hopeful we see The Best of Brock Lesnar spoiled in MetLife's showdown. The traditional Raw after Wrestlemania being too late, as another Animal would play a fitting role in saving Triple H. His return brings a mountain of fresh dominance and answering a subliminal question: What would happen if Brock fought Batista? He can also play into a Randy Orton storyline or have a war with Ryback. WWE just filmed big Dave down at NXT for upcoming productions. I, for one, am hoping that he is the returning star this year.

I will cast this last thought. The Shield is a group full of potential. They don't have an insider/defector, yet. Should a man like Randy Orton decide the time has come to pull the old gas mask logos out of the closet and have a new regime of dominance across the WWE, I think all fans would be happy. There is a little mentioned Wrestlemania XX victory by The Legend Killer over The Rock. However, this isn't acknowledged in the Age of Orton or on any t-shirt lists. Perhaps, The Rock is far from done battling Cobra and The Shield. WWE's new app Rockpocalypse poses The Great One in these same situations.

The Summer of franchises rejuvenated by Dwayne Johnson just might come to a head in the ring. Will the two greatest third generation superstars of our time make the most of chances? Given the personal choice of a bad guys with Extreme consequences, I'd like to see the Apex Predator find some new friends who can protect us from a year that seems destined to repeat the past.

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