Adam wilkinson

The Last RAW Before Wrestlemania...Is Everybody Ready?

We started off the night with a promo from Cena. Honestly, I've heard Cena get booed before. But this was possibly the loudest I've ever heard. OH MY GOD.....Cena, you say your time is now. The time, as many have said and predicted, it's time to turn HEEL. You might as well. You just got booed out the dang building. I'd like to go back to a promo he did this week on NXT. I won't quote the whole thing, just one line. "April 7th is the day I make the WWE Universe BELIEVE what I already know". You just think about that for a while.

We then saw Team S.O.S., Sheamus, Orton and Show marching down the hallway. Before I even knew what was to happen next I said out loud "Who the heck are they going to face? 3MB? I laughed so hard at the fact that I guessed right. S.O.S made short work of the rockers. The Shield made their way down through the crowd only to stop part way as opposed to what they've done so many times before. "Congratulations on THAT big victory boys!" Shield made them look like fools. One other promo from this past NXT I'd like to touch on from the Shield, deals with a prediction for Wrestlemania. "At Wrestlemania WE'RE TAKING OVER....we close the chapter on these fake, false heroes...our NEW REVOLUTION will be born through your demise." Pretty strong words. I think this feud has been played out well. The only thing I'd like to see more of is some individual matches. But I BELIEVE that the Shield will be victorious this Sunday.

Up next we had Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler. As far as wrestling goes, this got my vote for match of the night. I assumed going into this last week that maybe Big E would get a match against Kane, but Big E will just have to get his in-ring debut on the grandest stage of them all. I see Team Hell No coming out on top of Ziggler and Big E. At first I didn't think that AJ would have much affect on this match, but after tonight we can clearly see she still enjoys playing head games, and Kane still "fell for her".

Wade Barrett punished Zack Ryder in the ring in the next match, which then led to words with the Miz after the match. This match at Wrestlmania between Miz and Barrett won't have many people glued to their tv's this Sunday. I'm sure it will be good, but don't expect much. I see Barrett defending and retaining.

I had no clue we were going to be in for a DX reunion tonight. I was not expecting Shawn Michaels for this Mania at all. I just assumed, along with many others that Stephanie would be joining HHH down to the ring this Sunday, but I guess that won't be happening. I had almost forgotten why Michaels has such an interest in this match. He gave his best friend one helluva pep talk, and really set him straight on why this match is nothing like Shawn's last one with the Undertaker. And with Heyman at ringside joining Lesnar, it will be nice to have someone keep and eye on him. Heyman is an evil genius. You can't take your eyes off of him for a second, so Shawn Michael is once again a welcome addition to Wrestlemania. Although I have a feeling that Heyman's guy, Lesnar will come out on top of this battle.

Then we had Santino, ah poor Santino. The April Fool's joke ended up being on him. Mark Henry was ruthless as usual. But Ryback got the upper hand in this confrontation, using Santino's body as a weapon as to not break the "No Contact" rule that Booker T made. I'm not sure who will win this battle of the powerhouses. I don't think that Henry is going to be around much longer, so I see Ryback winning this match with Henry "passing the torch" of the WWE's strongest man.
Swagger certainly came out looking quite strong after this next segment, and Jack wasn't even in the match. Zeb Coulter was to have his first match in front of this Washington D.C. crowd against the WHC Alberto Del Rio. And after a quick distraction from Swagger going after Ricardo, Rio took his eyes off of Zeb just long enough for him to grab a crutch from Ricardo and then start what was one the night's most violent moments. Rio was beat by both Swagger and Zeb with the crutches. In the back of my head I heard Jim Ross yelling "They beat him like a government mule!" As harsh as it was I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter have been very successful in getting attention for this match up, even getting noticed form national news sources about the controversial topic of illegal aliens. I see Rio coming out on top of this war with Swagger. But I don't think it stops there. I think, and hope that when this is all said and done, that Ziggler cashes in his MITB contract at the conclusion of this match, cashing it in successfully of course. I hope Dolph Ziggler has an incredible Mania moment.

The Rock then responded to John Cena's angry rant from the start of the night. He sounded pretty convincing that there was no way that Cena was going to win the WWE Championship. He even stated at one point that this match wasn't about "passing the torch", and that the only way Cena would get the torch is if the Rock douced the belt in gasoline, lit it on fire and got it shoved up Cena's candy ass. He really had the crowd behind him tonight. It just amazes me how forgiving the WWE Universe is. He goes away for almost a month with nothing but a promo to watch a thousand times, in the most critical part of the year for this industry, for this company, for the most dedicated fans on the planet. What did we get? "Connection". A promo on how important the connection is between the Rock and the WWE Universe. I'm shaking my head as I type this part. I don't think that I have ever felt so strongly about this subject as I do know. I understand that its good for the business that the Rock is back, I get all that hype. But he damn sure does not deserve to show off that new championship belt all over God's green earth. Rock, you deserve to lose and you deserve to have the belt taken from you. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't like Cena but I respect him. And I hope he whoops the Rock's jabroni ass all over Met Life Stadium. There are some pretty heavy rumors floating around that the Shield will get involved. Well, whatever happens I believe it will shock the WWE Universe.

Next we have what I thought, and was pleasantly surprised by, was some really good Diva action. The Bellas took on the Funkadactyls. And this was actually the second time in a week that these team got in the ring together. Their counterpart tag teams were at ringside rooting them on. I have to say, when the Bellas came back, I was not impressed. What could they possibly bring to the Diva division other than eye candy? I'm happy to say that I was wrong. The Bellas are back to kick ass and take names. Along with adding some spice to the ring (wiping up some drool here...hang on) they have proven that they are bringing back some needed grappling talent that has not been seen much as of lately. I see the newly formed Tons of Funk coming out on top at Wrestlemania, but I'd like to see Sandow and Rhodes get a win with the Bellas.

Last match of the night for this RAW before Wrestlemania had Antonio Cesaro vs Chris Jericho. On a side note before I get into this is, I truly believe it's a crime that Antonio Cesaro does not have a match at Wrestlemania this weekend. Will he be put on the pre-show last minute like he has been in the past ppv's? Possibly, but he deserves better. Anywho, back to this match. Now, the more I think about it, this would actually tie the other match I said previously being match of the night. Jericho and Antonio put on a spectacular match. This match should've been happening this Sunday, not on RAW. Even though Jericho got a win over the United States Champion, he didn't even get to celebrate it. Fandango rushed the ring, clobbering Chris and finishing him off with not one but two huge leg drops. Fandango is another who will make his "in-ring" debut at Wrestlemania, and I have a feeling he will shock the WWE Universe with a win over Jericho.

Last but certainly not least we have the Undertaker cut a short but strong promo about how important it will be to punish CM Punk for all the disrespect he's given these last few weeks. He even stated that the streak might possibly be broken, but that Punk wouldn't live to tell about it. As soon as Taker was done speaking, the eerie music started that has been associated with a classic version of the Undertaker, followed by Druids coming out. Some even had torches. What followed truly was shocking. We heard the voice of Paul Bearer, then a costumed version of Paul Bearer came out holding the urn. A close-up revealing that it had to be Heyman behind the makeup. The Undertaker, furious by this grand display of disrespect, started to take out the Druids one by one, only to be attacked from behind by one of them revealing CM Punk. Once he had Taker grounded he reached for the Urn and began to beat Taker with it. And what happened last left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths, but got the point across of how bad Punk was trying to get a reaction out of the crowd. Because at one time during the beating, the crowd actually started chanting "CM Punk". Punk then opened the urn and dumped the contents all over Taker, and then even proceeded to rub the contents all over himself.

Now as upset as many of you are even reading this, I want you to think about something. This is the wrestling industry. Is it important to go over the top sometimes to get a point across? Yes. Would Paul Bearer want this to story line to take place? Absolutely, for the sake of Wrestlemania. Will this convince you that this was the right route to go into this weekend? Maybe, maybe not. Some of you, like myself, loved what you saw. Some of you were shocked and I believe a even read a post of this was the last RAW he or she would ever watch.However you feel about this I have something to sum up this whole blog. This feud deserves, now more than ever, to headline Wrestlemania 29. Is it going to happen? Sadly, no. But all in all I believe that this Wresltemania is going to be one of the best that I have every seen. I have become a different fan over the course of the last year. For the first time, I'm actually hoping most of the Heels win this weekend. Some will, some won't. But is Everbody Ready? Are you? I know I am. Oh and by the way, I believe CM Punk will come out victorious at Wrestlemania 29.

And with that said, thanks for reading and...You're Welcome!