Adam wilkinson

CM Punk's Actions On Raw Has Put More Spark Into the Wrestlemania Match Against Undertaker

Tonight on the 4/1 edition of Monday Night Raw, we say it end in what many people say was "one of the most disrespectful thing WWE has done in quite a while". If you didn't watch, don't read anymore of this because I will be talking about it now.

So Undertaker comes out and hypes up the match, talking about the disrespect Punk has shown towards Paul Bearer, himself, and the Urn. All of a sudden the lights dim and an army of druids with torches come out. (Kinda reminiscent of his entrance from Wrestlemania XX)Paul Bearer is then heard, with his signature, "Ooooohh Yeeessss!", but it turns out to be Heyman when the lights pop back on. 'Taker then starts walking up the ramp but stops in front of a druid thinking its Punk, but it is the wrong then, as Punk attacks him from behind. A little more beat down followed by gut shots with the urn is up next. Then to finish it off, Punk dumps the ashes on Taker's face, then rubs it on himself, leading to a pose at the Wrestlemania sign. Now holy crap! Way to finish off the last Raw before Wrestlemania 29 *insert shameless plug here* ( which you can conveniently watch here on RSN Wink ) Right now IMO, CM Punk has to be the biggest heel in WWE, and if anybody thinks twice about it, after what happened tonight, it has shut those people up.

Lots of people have stated it was extremely disrespectful to not only Paul Bearer, but to everyone that witnessed it. What the hell?!?! That was entertaining as hell! Everyone here needs to understand this though, no one is disrespecting William Moody. They are disrespecting one of his many characters. And the "urn". The ashes of Paul are not in there, so why is everyone complaining about pissing off ol' Willy? Only time will tell how the match will be, but with the great build so far, and the amazing segment from tonight, I will make an educated guess that it won't be a dissapointment.