Justin Barr

On the Valentines Day of 2011,The Most Electrifying Man in the sports entertainment returned to the squared ring and took the universe by surprise. The Brahma Bull had come back home after 7 long years to serve as the host of Wrestlemania 27. Since then Rock has made quite a few appearances to keep the product working. He has been the major reason for the financial success of both Wrestlemania 27 and 28 and ofcourse he'll play a big part in the selling of 29 but how long should The People's Champion be the reason to keep the arenas packed with people ?

This would be 3rd time in a row The Rock would be involved in the main event of Wrestlemania and the second time he would be competing in a main event which means it would be the second time he would be stealing spotlight from a permanent roster guy ..... Hell No !!! It would be second time a permanent roster guy would FAIL to get one of the main event spots at Wrestlemania. You can't blame Rocky for that. He can do things that nobody on the roster can do. He can sell stuff. He can even sell crap for the price of gold. Want a sample ? Go compare that Wrestlemania's critical reception to its financial grosses where the Miz was the WWE Champion and headlining the event. You know I am talking about Wrestlemania 27 where The Rock was just hosting the event. It was a complete disaster but it was also the second highest grossing Wrestlemania of all time. So no arguments on why The Rock is headlining these events.

Wrestlemania 29, has three main event matches, Taker vs Punk, Triple H vs Lesnar and Cena vs Rock. All of these include atleast one part timer. This wasn't the scene in WWE before. If you see the match card of Wrestlemania 22 (my favorite of all time), it didn't include a single celebrity or a part timer in its main event. The show was a huge success. A big Wrestlemania doesn't require part timers competing in the main event. So why WWE depends on Lesnar? Why WWE has to call Dwayne back again and again and again ? The answer is simple , the company lacks roster depth. WWE is still struggling to cope up with the loss of their major main event talent (well they prevented it from getting worse by resigning Punk). They no more have that guy who can carry out such major events except Cena and Punk. Cena has been doing this job since years now and you cannot solely depend on Punk to pull it off . That's where The Rock steps in.

Rock connects with the audience, has the experience and is totally different from the wrestlers who came after him and the wrestlers who were already there when he returned. It was definitely the best card Vince could have played after departure of HBK and Batista. Right now WWE needs Rock so don't expect him to leave in a year or two and anyways who wants him to leave???? Its fun to see Rocky come and kick some candy a$$ in the middle of the ring. What WWE needs to do is to quickly make up some really really REALLY good new stars till The Rock is there. So I would say that Rock needs to be there only till WWE finds extraordinary talents that are able to bare the burden of main eventing all the big events in the calendar year but still I would always love to see The Great One drop by every year or a half to go in the middle of the ring in front of millions and MILLIONS of his fans where he could say 'Finally......THE ROCK HAS COME BACK !!!!'
Justin Barr
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