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The many problems in WWE right now.

First off, this blog is not for people who don't like to read long blogs haha.

The three hour problem:
image.jpg < Its putting a lot of stress on ya aint it vinne?

Basically it sucks, they couldn't keep us entertained for two hours what makes them think they could for three. I understand what they were trying to do and where they were trying to go with this, but its obviously not working and for many reasons.
One, the writing is terrible, absolutely terrible (was already horrible before but has most definitely took a turn for the worst). They need to bring in either old school wrestlers or guys who actually know what they're talking about and knows what we want to see, someone with a vision. Nowadays they're hiring soap opera writers and crap, like WTF!? Like there wasn't already enough drama in WWE before, why are they fanning the flames?. Ya see, this is why superstars are so confused on what to do and say now and botch everything they're given or end up going off script. WWE also needs to stop giving up on storylines so fast, we're not just going to accept something the first time around, we have to get used to it and see if we like it. What they do is, throw something out there and if it doesn't get a reaction within the first five seconds they throw it out the door. I mean dang Vince, give us some time bro.

Two, WWE does not know how to use the time that they have properly, it's either wasted on stupid backstage segments, useless squash matches or replays from the week or weeks before. There is a whole locker room full of superstars that are dying to get that time, even if its for two mins. They need to be spending more time with the young generation, helping them with in ring work and mic performance. There's only so many times you can call in the older guys to help, they won't be able to take bumps forever.

And thirdly, yet another huge problem WWE has is they're not building their superstars up correctly.They build these guys up as if they're supposed to be someone to be reckoned with or someone to keep a close eye on and they turn out to be total nothings!. Would you like some examples? Great, I'm so glad you asked, I'll be more than happy to oblige you.

They tricked us!:

Tensai: ok, this guy was advertised out the a**..oops, sorry I forgot PG, I mean the booty. Week after week he was being promoted as someone that you need to keep on your good side and just stay out of the way from. Tried to make us think "hey, watch out, we got a bad A coming over here". Turns out, the dude ain't nothing, can't wrestle, can't talk, can't dan...ok he can dance a little it's funny, but isn't what he was made out to be. Now he has some stupid gimmick and nick name like sweet cheeks, tea or cakes something like that, WTF! Tensai my buddy, take my advice and just take yourself and your painted on tats back to Japan because your career is over. There is possibly no return from this whatsoever.

Brodus Clay: yet another guy that was advertised as a animal or something, but when he debuts,his butt comes out dancing! He is a bit better than Tensai in the ring, but that still doesn't help him. And his theme though...ok, I admit I have that on my iPod, but that's the only cool thing about him, nobody wants to see all that fluff shaking in our face every week.

Sin Cara: *Enters Ron Simmons* ok,... I mean is a comment even necessary here guys? Triple H, you should have known better.

Brad Maddox: A guy that I actually thought was going to go somewhere, now he is just yet another annoying character. I liked him at first, despite his horrible mic work, but now he's just a nuisance. We don't need two GM's on one show, we need guys out there entertaining us and giving us what we want. So basically drop the horrible reject David Otunga act and wrestle.

Ryback: OK, OK, OK! This dude got a push waaaaay too early, he was pushed into the main event scene before he needed to be. He was and still is being shoved down our throats, there is nothing special about this guy, all of his facial reactions and promos all look and sound the same, there's never anything new with this guy. Just because you get people to chant with you doesn't mean you should be given title shots and main event spots. I get people on RSN v-chat to do and say stupid stuff all the time but does that mean that I deserve a title shot? DAMN RIGHT I DO! But that's not the point. The point is, this guy has a lot of stuff to work on, his ring work has gotten a bit better but it's no where near what they make it out to be. Home boy just needs to chillax and go work on some stuff.

And the newest member to the clan is bad, I didn't let the A's breathe..ahem, ahem...FAAANDAAAAAANGOOOOO. When this first started it was funny ya know, it still has it perks every now and then but it truly has become a bore. WWE has to realize that we get bored very quickly and there's only so many times you can do stuff. They need to get him in action and doing something serious very quickly while he's still fresh on our minds. Hopefully him and Jericho will last longer than a week or two after WM, if Jerichos still around.

Time for a change:

But back to the whole three hour thing, it just seems that ever since the three hour saga began for RAW things just got worse and worse. I remember when I first heard about RAW going three hours I knew right then and there that it was being set up for failure. Now I'll admit,there have been a few good RAWs here and there, but only just a few. The problem is that there are more bad RAWs then good ones. I personally feel it should have just stayed three hours for special occasions and things. Or for like Wrestlemania week or month, whatever you wanna call it, like around this time now it could just be used to build up matches and feuds not year round. I also think that with this whole PG epidemic, it only made things more atrocious. I mean, I'm not saying have the guys curse in every word they say or blood in every match, but once in a while isn't harmful. For example, some of Rocks and Cenas promos need a few words here and there, the HHH vs Brock match needs blood. You have to go all out on certain things, but not everything. Bring back the old stuff, and that doesn't mean Attitude Era, basically from like 05 -08 and half of 09 wrestling was good, PG has just ruined it for us. The storylines during that time, I thought were great and the matches were too, now every time you look around its the same feud with different people and a squash match every ten seconds, it's just time for a change, and has been for a long time now.

It's time to take control/do for yourself:

Yet another huge problem that WWE seems to have is they are letting their superstars control them to a point. They're letting them tell them what they want, which is sometimes not a bad thing. But the problem with these young guys are they think they know, but they don't and want to get mad when the oldies have to come in and show them how it's done. Now, I don't blame them for getting upset sometimes about the old guys coming in, but that's their fault, they let it happen by not showing us and WWE what they got. If they want to make an impact then they should, instead, they just wait around for something to just be handed to them and then want to rant and rave when it doesn't happen. That's why the majority of them are on the bench now and working dark matches. They don't want to put in the work, they just want someone else to do it for them. They have to learn to take what they're given and just roll with it, even if they don't like it. Every legend and future legends in this business has had to start at the bottom from somewhere and work their way to the top. If you're given a two minute match, then you make that the best two minutes ever, don't complain, If you're given a crappy promo you turn it inside out the best you can. Life is not fair, and it waits and gives out awards to no one. So they better buck up and learn Vince's motto "learn to eat sh*t and like the taste" because in this day and age and this generation of wrestlers, that's exactly what they're going to have to learn to do to survive and get to the top. If you want to be in the big matches and not see HHH, Rock, Cena, Orton same old same old, then step it up. Oh, and before I forget, I don't know why we have to say this time after time, but WWE really needs to stop hiring these freaking models and get women who actually know what they're doing. How do they expect us to take them seriously when all the know how to do is walk down the ramp in a new outfit that will be on them longer than their match will last.

Well guys, I think this is my longest blog ever, but it was something I think I needed to say and believe is the truth. I truly believe that this is whats wrong with WWE today, what about you, what are your thoughts on the current product at hand?

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