Justin Barr

“[...] There's a running joke that many different people have different titles, the pay sucks for those positions and that within the past week, a few people asked for raises and were denied. "They have enough people to field a football team," it was noted by a source.”
(source: LordsOfPain.net)

The news is that there is not a real creative leader between the WWE officials, right now. The consequence is quite a big turmoil, with people trying and not getting to be released.
Embarassing situation for the Stamford promotion. Although I have to admit that it made me laugh.

I have laughed, because it’s quite evident -in my personal opinion!- that Vince McMahon is getting way too old to run his own creature, and he’s no longer able to do his job. I think that under almost anyone else’s direction, situations like that or other things (like the continuous last minute changes at Raw’s scripts for example), would not happen that easy. Let’s just face it.
Justin Barr
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