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Will Triple H Make History or Become It?

Ten years ago Triple H was about to form Evolution. He was gearing down for Seattle and the first Wrestlemania where two separate world championship matches would be decided. Hunter went from those days with Ric Flair to guide the breakout years of Batista and Randy Orton. Both of which had tremendous success.

When you consider that Helmsley has since suffered additional damage to his quads, and maintained a power role on air for years... One must wander what full circle is for The Game. Shawn Michaels met his demise at the hand of The Undertaker. Hunter dominated The Undertaker so convincingly in his Wrestlemania 27 match that he wasn't begging for a rematch at the behest of placing his career on the line.

Yet, now we find another member of the Monday Night Wars main eventers with their career on the line at Wrestlemania. Only one man has ever found a way out at the Grandaddy of the All while fighting a stipulation of retirement. The Ultimate Warrior defeated Macho Man 22 years ago. But, this is very different.

WWE's COO truly has done it all. Even the men who have returned all had their battles with Hunter. There's a wrestling documantary where Bret Hart is coaching Jim Neidhart on what to say during a backstage interview from Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows. He says a combination of lines which Neidhart confuses. Jim repeats back, "We are going to get hungry and leave no man untested!"

The King of Kings has encountered nearly everyone. Live event reports and clips make their way online as he interacts with the newest talent. While he is not 100% battle-tested against the roster, who is really left to fight? He is called the Cerebral Assassin and yet the smart money says the roster has no land left to conquer. The Game has double-digit world championships and is easily a first ballot Hall of Famer. Are people seriously going to begrudge him if he had to step in the ring in a role similar to Mr McMahon years from now?

Time will introduce new faces and create turmoil between the inmates and the guards. As Triple H becomes the central male figurehead of WWE perhaps a new slot will require him to wrestle like his father-in-law. Vince has lost several fights with the ownership of WWE, his career, and other stipulations on the line. Fans have tried to understand the changing need for his role and even forgiven his fiery demise in a limousine.

I would personally enjoy Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels having closure inside the ring. Triple H is putting his career against The Beast. But, it seems with history's pattern in this kind of match, fans will watch yet another member of The Kliq leave Wrestlemania with a loss, and without closure. If Hunter's admiration of Ric Flair teaches us anything of how he will handle the future then we haven't seen the last incarnation of Triple H. Should he win though... he will have defeated a streak more deadly than the previous two years where he failed.

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