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Recently there have been rumors that Rey Mysterio might retire after that knee injury. He had been absent from the ring before for almost a month because of some "family issues". Now he's expected back till June. That is gonna be a really really long time.
Well with such irregularity he can never be a part of major storylines which he used to be and not even carry out his tag team ventures with Sin Cara. Well now I dont think that he is needed in the tag team division with the formation of so many tag teams and to be very honest tag team division is doing quite good even without them. So where is Mysterio needed ?Mid Card? No I guess because mid card is already having people like Kofi,Cesaro, Barett, Miz,etc. and if more people are needed they can certainly call upon rookies from NXT. So I return to my question where is Mysterio needed? It has to be the upper card , Yes the Main Event spot. After Wrestlemania, there would be no Rock, no Undertaker, no Lesnar and maybe after sometime no Jericho. There wont only be a glut of main eventers but also a very low number of main event HEELS ....

So do you think I am suggesting that Mysterio should turn heel ? Hell Yeah !!! Mysterio has been a face since forever and his character has become very very stagnant, if someone needs a heel turn it is Mysterio. The guy has accomplished almost everything in life and is a guaranteed Hall of Famer. What he has not done is convincing the fans to boo him. This might be the only thing which Mysterio doesnt have in his career, being an effective heel .....

So how can this happen ? We all know Del Rio has been one of his best rivals and as he is a face now he can help Mysterio to change his status. In June or whenever he returns, Mysterio can cut a promo saying that he has been wrestling since 20 years now and is getting tired of it now. The only thing which makes him show up again and again is the WWE Universe. They always had "Faith" in him and is quite sure that they'll keep that faith forever ... The same night he teams up with Cara and attacks Del Rio after his match.The next week he is expected to give an explanation where he would ask the fans to just keep "Faith" in him he knows what he is doing and attacks Del Rio (with Sin Cara) again . Next time Del Rio grabs a mic and says he's totally sick of it and says Mysterio is just jealous of him because Del Rio achieved great success in such a short period of time and now even fans love him. If Mysterio and Cara have the guts then come and face him at a PPV. Mysterio accepts the challenge and match is set(with or without the Championship). Cara is at Mysterio's corner and Ricardo is at Del Rio's corner.Del Rio dominates throughout the match and when he applies the cross armbreaker .............. Ricardo DISTRACTS the ref, and then also goes on to hit Del Rio with an object causing him to lose. The next day, Mysterio and Cara can hold a ceremony to MASK Ricardo. This can be done to many superstars who want to be a part of the stable. Many lucha libre's can get involved here such as Hunico(who is completely useless right now) or they can also call upon El Generico. They can also get one or two masked bodyguards it would be a sort of masked revolution. He can also get a one nice long shot with one of the World Championships.

This I find the best way to utilize Rey's last bit and make the things happening around WWE .

Hey RingSideNews readers this was my first blog , do leave you views in comments

Timothy Givens
Congrats on the first blog first one is the big on. Now a lucha heel stable in WWE dont know about that maybe in AAA mexico or something like that. Masked luchas it would make things a lil interesting for sure even with the re emergence of konan, but im not even sure Rey would or will make it back.
  • March 26, 2013
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Justin Barr
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