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Continuing on from my last blog regarding the ‘controversial’ statements made by Bret Hart on WrestleTalk TV, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were also subjected to the Hitman’s disapproval, labeled as “worthless” has-beens with “zero to offer” TNA.

Before I go any further, I would like to address the issue of posting comments on members’ blogs. Like most of the people that frequent this site, I have nothing to do with the wrestling business itself other than being an avid fan. We all have our opinions and many of us will not agree on everything but that does not give way for personal attacks. Criticism comes with professionalism and I believe having paid good money on PPVs and merchandise over the past 18 years gives me the right to comment on the product that I love in the manner in which I please and do so with the assumption that this is a safe area where wrestling fans come to discuss the business in depth.
If you have a problem with anything I say, please feel free to comment below, but do so with regards to the content of the blog and of the wrestling business, not of my character.

With that said let us continue...

Much like his issues with Triple H, the bad-blood between Hart, Hogan and Bischoff is no secret to the wrestling public. However, though Hart’s comments towards HHH were clearly in the spirit of anger, perhaps his view towards TNA is from a more logical standpoint.

Hart stated, “The only thing Hulk Hogan ever knew was how to make Hulk Hogan. He couldn't tell you how to make AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. What's Hulk Hogan going to tell Samoa Joe?”

It’s a scathing declaration to say the least but one none truer in this one bloggers opinion.

Since the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff, we have witness the complete demise of the once flourishing X-Division which is now down to a mere three athletes of which the current title owner is a very overrated midcarder who has been given the belt far too quickly.
Also on the decline is TNA’s Tag Team division, which was not so long ago regarded as the best in the business. Kazarian and Daniels are doing well at making things entertaining but with only two other teams to compete with, things are quickly becoming stale and repetitive.

As for the TNA World Championship, well, two words sum up that atrocity: Bully Ray.
As I have stated before, Ray has done a tremendous job over the past few years, getting into the best shape of his life and cutting some classic old-school style promos but to put the belt on him really highlights the lack of character depth within TNA.

Change the name all you want but that’s still Bubba Ray Dudley wearing a world title. Something just doesn’t seem right with that.
Even the Aces and 8’s, the one storyline that finally reassured fans that the company was still capable of gaining interest, has swiftly become a flop. Much like Hogan’s dreadful ‘Immortal’ faction, Aces and 8’s have fallen gone down the path of the NWO; becoming packed with wrestlers without any storylines just so they appear on TV and PPV’s.
What’s worse is that it’s full of guys nobody cares about. I mean seriously, Dlo-Brown? DLO-F’n-BROWN? TNA are taking the piss. It was bad enough they had Tazz join the group despite the fact he can’t do anything active and continues to act the same at the commentary booth.
But what else was to be expected with Bischoff and Hogan at the helm. It worked once so why not try it again?

And will someone please tell me as to why Hogan insists on maintaining a screen presence? They’re working the angle that logically could only conclude with a Hogan VS Ray showdown but with Hogan looking sad and haggard each time he steps out, it’s very unlikely to occur.

It’s time TNA faced the fact that Hogan is not the draw he once was and will not be the one to take TNA to the next level.
Maybe the company only committing to four PPV’s a year is a sign of that?

The one thing that Hogan and Bischoff did get right was returning to the traditional four-sided ring as apposed to the six sided one, which clearly sits more comfortably with the talent.

In closing, I’d like to site Hart’s comments towards AJ Styles leaving TNA for WWE. Whilst many believe Styles will be with the company forever, the truth of the matter is he is (and has been) wasted in that environment having simply won everything and fought everyone.
The man is the arguably the best in ring performer in the business and can have a good match with anyone (even a tiring Kevin Nash), it would be a shame not to see him making it big in WWE where only the sky is the limit.

Jack Hill.
Justin Barr
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