Adam wilkinson

CM Punk Vs Taker: End of The Streak? Or End of Punk?

CM Punk vs we have seen them fight before, however this time it means something. 21-0, or 20-1. That might not mean much to a normal person, but to us wrestling fans, we know exactly what that means. Either Taker continues his untarnished Wrestlemania victory streak, or Punk accomplishes what no other wrestler has done, and that's beat The Deadman at his show, Wrestlemania. Punk certainly is a threat, maybe the biggest threat Taker has ever faced, considering his past challengers. I mean sure, you can argue that Shawn Michaels had a chance, or Triple H was a legit threat, but Taker as usual came out victorious in those matches. I do not think Punk will beat the streak, nor do I think he deserves to.

I believe that the streak will only be ended when Undertaker says it will.I believe that if the streak ends, Undertaker should choose who gets that honor. If, and only if Taker wants his streak beaten, he should give that honor to a man who has not accomplished as much as Punk. A two time World Heavyweight Champion, two time Money in the Bank winner, 6 time Slammy award winner, ECW Champion, Triple Crown Winner, and the longest running WWE Championship Title reign in Raw history, ending at 434 days. These accomplishments alone are enough to solidify his name in WWE history, possibly earning him a WWE HOF spot. He has accomplished so much in the WWE, that would be (in my mind,) overkill. Give that honor to a young gun, someone who has not accomplished as much as Punk.

Punk will give Taker a run for his money, no doubt about that. However at this point in the game, that honor should not go to Punk. Punk is a great wrestler, and I will remain a Punk fan till the day I die, but I will say this. Punk beating the streak is a pointless thing. Give it to a younger guy, looking to make a name for himself in WWE. Give it to someone you would not expect to have a chance. Punk vs Taker.....21-0 or 13 days these two wrestling juggernauts will battle it out for a history making moment...either a perfect streak comes to an end, or the streak remains intact for one more year. Will you be watching....I know I will.