Adam wilkinson

Now is the time for Kofi to turn heel.

Way before the articles and stuff popped up, I had always been a big supporter of the idea of Kingston going heel. Although I am a fan of this idea, there are some pros and cons to it as there is with everything.


Kofi is a great talent, he can really work the ring in my opinion. And even if he does the same move, he always in my opinion adds a little more to it. He tries to make every match exciting and worth watching, even when he's jobbing.

As a heel, I think Kofis career could sky rocket if everything is done correctly. This is a project that has to be taken slow to turn out right, it cant be rushed, because we all know how things like that turn out. WWE doesn't just need to throw him out there and just expect us to accept him the first time around. If that happens then it will surely fail, and he'll definitely be at the bottom more so than he is now.


Kofi's mic skills...woooo Lordy are they atrocious. Personally I feel when he has a mic in hand he doesn't connect with us at all. He's just like any other guy when he's talking, you see him, you hear him, but you're not listening unless he botches or says something really stupid. I truly think the only thing that's really holding him back from being on top now is his mic performance. If he gets that in check, he should be good, because we all know heels are mainly built as all talk while faces do the action.

Moving on:

Now I've seen the comments, and everything and most believe he will never get passed IC or U.S. champion. Now, I think differently, trust me at one point I was in that group of people, but I think he's grown passed that now. I think he's ready for something more challenging. I mean how many times can the guy win those titles before it becomes a total bore?.

Now I'm not saying just throw him in the main event but let him work his way up to it at least. I actually believe he could be one hell of a WHC, never WWE champ though, I don't think he has what it takes to carry the company on his back. He has potential to be something great, just look back at his feud with Orton. You have to admit that in that particular point of time Kofi was on fire. I think the main downfall was his mic skills and he didn't try as hard as he does now, sometimes he would just let Randy do all the work. I think back then he might have been one of those guys that just expected something to be given to him because he was in a feud with a top star. He's better now, and deserves another shot.

I believe his turn could start off with him losing yet another match. Of course this being to a face. He's frustrated and the face tries to ya know, tell him it's alright we're cool you'll win your next one etc etc etc. Kofi is in no mood to hear that BS *laughs* so he attacks him. Not just a regular few fists and a finisher, but I'm talking dragging this guy all throughout the area or at least putting him through the announce table or something. Making a huge impact just to get us on our feet or excited, yeah we see guys getting put through a table all the time but not by someone like Kofi doing it. They should also make him pull a Jericho where he trolls us. Comes out with a mic in hand as if he's gonna explain his actions but he never does. Or at least not until after Wrestlemania. Or if that doesn't work, with the exception of the trolling thing, just attack the face from behind that he lost to the week before.

Well just a few ideas that I think could benefit Kofi's heel turn if it happens. So what do you guys think?

Kingston as heel:
YAY! Or Nay.

*raises hand* "yay"