Adam wilkinson

Two Weeks Until WM29...So What's Missing?

I have to say, after watching this past Monday Night RAW, it looks like almost all the pieces have fallen into place. There's only one problem instead of a face-off between Cena and the Rock, we get Cena in an exchange of words with Rufus "Pancake" Patterson. Don't get me wrong, I loved Titus' new character. This stuff was very funny to me. I think the Primetime Players deserve the push they should have gotten until A.W. got fired. Washington lost his job and PTP lost their push, but enough about that. Back to Cena and, and...

Oh yeah, the Rock. Speaking of the Rock, isn't there supposed to be some match coming up? About two weeks away....ahh yes, a headlining match at Wrestlemania 29. And this coming RAW it will be three weeks without our Champ. The People's Champ. I'd say the people are missing their champ. Not the people lining the red carpet at international movie premiers. The WWE Universe is missing their champ, or are they? I guess we will have to see this Monday if our champ shows up or not. And after watching the same promo featuring the emotionally driven song by Civil Twilight for about 3 weeks now, I don't know about you, but I've had enough. It is going to take a lot to save this rivalry. I almost feel bad for Cena being forced to sit on the sidelines, and then come out after the cameras go off the air to "have the crowd go home happy". At least last year there was stuff going on for several weeks prior. Even if it was a horrible version of Queen's "We Will Rock You", the crowds had something to look forward to.

Yet everything else is falling into place nicely. Rio vs Swagger is going well. After all the controversial promos done by Zeb and Swagger, Rio and Mexi-Zeb have come back with a few of thier own. Team Hell No has challenged Ziggler and Big E. And with the help of AJ, the Tag Team Championships are on the line. This match should be very entertaining. Many had predicted that in the past month, Kane and Bryan would not be able to hold their team together, split, and end up fighting each other at WM29. I don't see Team Hell No losing this match. I also see a very frustrated Ziggler cashing in his contract somewhere later in the night. It will be interesting to see if this comes true, and against who will he cash it in? Swagger gets my vote on that one.

We also have all the cards in place for HHH against Lesnar. Even a stipulation of HHH's career is on the line. Yes I've seen the meme's. HHH comes out of retirement for a retirement match. I can clearly remember the emotional speech that HHH gave in Milwaukee. To me it really wasn't so much a "Good-Bye" as it was a "Maybe I'll see ya later". Yet with the haircut he got week after that, you had to wonder if it really was the last time. With Lesnar sticking around for a while now, I can see this going either way. But if I had to pick, I'd say HHH will have his revenge for what Lesnar did to his father-in-law, Vinnie Mac. I wouldn't be surprised to see Steph at his side for this one either.
Fandango apparently will have a match with Chris Jericho. It hasn't been made official yet but we'll see this develop more over the next week. Jericho really did have some great one-liners against him on RAW. We all know Jericho deserves some kind of Mania match, but obviously someone else knows something about Fandango's talent that we don't know. I guess I'll have to go back a few seasons of NXT and see what all the hype is about.

Now on to my favorites right now, the Shield. They will face Orton, Sheamus and the Big Show. And according to Sheamus' interview, the Celtic Vipers will get on the same page as the Show "when pigs fly out of his arse". They may fight side by side but they won't be together. No one can trust each other, which is why I see Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns coming out on top of this match. It would've been too predictable if Ryback stayed in this match. Now Ryback will have his own battle to contend with against Mark Henry. Seeing these two powerhouses going head to head should be great. It won't win "Match of the Night" by any means, but this battle of the finishers will get the crowd going early on in the night.
So what will be the "match of the night"? Or should I say, "what REALLY should headline WM29?" It would be the match that's gotten the most media attention over the last few weeks....CM Punk vs the Undertaker. Unfortunately, what fueling this rivalry right now is the death of Paul Bearer. I'm not sure how Punk is getting away with this, but he hasn't generated this much heat on himself in quite a while. This war will end at WM29. What everyone wants to know is what will happen to Taker's streak. I've read all the rumors. I'm sure you have too. But all in all, this is the first year that the streak is really in question. Taker doesn't have much more to fight for other than the current disrespect of Paul Bearer. Although, now Punk is in possession of the one thing that Taker gets his power from, the Urn. I'll bet you are now hearing Bearer's scary laugh and cackle. Punk did do a pretty good imitation on RAW. I will go out on a limb and say that Punk wins this one, ending the streak. But won't that tarnish the reputation of Taker? Not a chance. It'll help Punk more than hurt Taker. It's the perfect culmination of everything Punk has endured this last year and a half, carrying the company on his back. Will the Shield interfere? No, Punk has to do this on his own.

That's how I see WM29 right now, better than a few weeks ago. I'm sure we'll see a couple more matches pop up before the big gig. They'll either open the show or end up on the hour long pre-show. Over all, one helluva show coming up. But like I said, something is missing. Let me know if you agree, disagree, like or dislike. Let me here some opinions below.

And by the way, You're Welcome.