Adam wilkinson

Can WWE Afford To Turn Cena Heel?

Since defeating JBL at Wrestlemania 21, John Cena has been in and around either the World Heavyweight or WWE championship. This trend does not appear to be ending anytime soon. In the last year or so, he has openly accepted the fans approach to booing him and chants of "Cena sucks" with a response of "Fans are entitled to give their opinion". We have all thought or said "Is it time to turn Cena heel?" Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but this blogger wants to know - Can WWE afford to turn him heel?

Like him or not, he has been, currently is and no doubt still will be for a long time, the face of the WWE. No superstar, past or present, has granted more wishes for Make a Wish Foundation than John Cena. If WWE suddenly turns him heel, who would take his place granting those wishes?

Whilst Cena was making his similar promo to last years "Once in a Lifetime" Rock vs. Cena bout, before being brilliantly interrupted by Prime Time Players, (who by the way in Titus O'Neill, have a great main event star for the future by the way) Cena pointed to the crowd and said something along the lines of "those who have stood with me, wore the t'shirts" etc. etc. and pointed to the 2 kids who looked about 7 years old holding a sign saying our time is now. I don't think he would have found a fan who, as The Rock put it last year, has hit puberty yet, but that is the age range WWE are aiming for right now, the 7-10 year olds thanks to PG, and heaven forbid their super hero was to turn his back on them, what then?

The only superstars at the moment who are getting a huge reaction from the crowd, the type of reaction any promotion wants for their top babyfaces, are Orton, Jericho and Ryback. Jericho will be touring with Fozzy again soon and no offense Bon Jovi lookalike, (cheers Punk), but you have been there before, with your 6 World titles and 9 Intercontinental titles. As for Ryback, his time will indeed come. The fans are chanting loud and proud, and will no doubt chant feed me more followed by "Holy S##t" if he manages to deliver the shellshock to Mark Henry. I personally am unsure whether I am looking forward to that match or not. I think they are two big strong men who can work well, but a lot of Henry's arsenal is based on pure strength, and with Ryback's reluctance to sell moves unless he has to, part of me thinks it will only be good IF he can hit Henry with the Shellshock.

As for Orton, he is ready. He's been ready forever, and I personally think he can carry the moniker of being the top babyface. Whether he wants to be or not is another matter. Is a heel turn necessary for the Apex Predator? Who knows. What I do know is that in order to keep pushing Orton and to line him up for a good storyline after Wrestlemania, Orton has to be the on to get the victory against the Shield at Mania.

Does WWE need another top heel? If Cena does turn heel, he'll no doubt be the top heel, which is currently occupied by the Urn dropper himself, Punk. I will quickly sidetrack here for a second to say this current storyline isn't being disrespectful by Punk, it's meant to generate heat, and it is, end of story.

Anyway, Cena being top heel. Who would he feud with? Orton? Bryan? Sheamus? HHH? Would any of those feuds be interesting?

Like him or not RSN'ers, Cena is the top babyface at the moment, and unless WWE pulls a rabbit out of the hat which can find a good reason for a heel turn to work, it looks like we're stuck with it for a while...