Adam wilkinson

WWE Should Capitalize On RVD's TNA Status

If you have seen the latest edition of TNA Impact Wresting, you would notice RVD was absent. If you have followed RSN, you would also know the status of Rob Vam Dam's TNA contract, nonexistent. That's right folks! RVD is a "free-agent" now. Many (including myself) are hoping for a WWE return. WWE would be foolish to overlook this great opportunity. I don't see him as a main event superstar anymore, so he would be a perfect fit in the midcard of the WWE. Him feuding with Cesaro for the title would really be great for Cesaro's already bright and promising future. A win over him would elevate Cesaro's road to the main event. (And wouldn't it look freaking awesome for Cesaro to do the Swiss Death on RVD while he is doing the frog splash? The answer is yes.) Him against Barrett would also be an excellent feud. Both men working with Justin Gabriel and Kofi Kingston on several occasions prove that they mesh well against the high-flyer category, which RVD falls into. Now it is now surprise that RVD isn't the best on the mic, but both men could carry him with their close to perfect mic work. Once Orton turns heel, it would be intriguing to see a rekindling of their feud back from 2004. WWE, you have a hell of an opportunity right now. The potential of what could come out of this signing and how it can effect current stars is something your company needs. Don't screw this up.
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This is my first blog in quite a while, so please let me know how I did. I would have written more and made my thoughts more clear, but I'm pinched on time right now and really felt like getting this out while it was fresh in my mind. Until next time my friends